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'Das Reich 2005' - Development Halted

by Rainier on June 19, 2006 @ 3:26 a.m. PDT

German developer Joylabs announced that it has halted development on its alternative reality FPS Das Reich 2005. Originally scheduled for last year, it now turns out the project has been put on ice, thus postponed indefinitely. In the game you support different factions in order to destroy the Nazis and fight for a free world without totalitarianism!

"Das Reich 2005" is set in a scientific scenario, where nothing is like it supposed to be in 2005. The descendants of the Nazis are still ruler of "Germania" and have built totalitarianism in nearly every European country. While playing the game you have to support different factions and there common goal to bring the regime down - destroy the Nazis and fight for a free world without totalitarianism!

Will you be successful?

Joylabs is currently working on the title since 2002 and is searching for a publisher for the game to be released in 2005. Most members of the team were formerly working on "The Y-Project" and were forced to stop their work after insolvency, and started with Joylabs "Das Reich 2005".

Joylabs uses it’s own full featured DirectX9 Engine which is a further development of the world wide well known Codecreatures Engine. This makes it possible for the game world (indoor and outdoor) to achieve much more architectural detail as well as new stunning material attributes then most current available 3D technologies.

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