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'Undercover:­ Operation Wintersun' Story Details - Screens

by Rainier on June 20, 2006 @ 8:34 a.m. PDT

Undercover is an adventure game set during the Second World War, in the heart of war-torn Europe. The tantalizing story revolves around a horrible What-If scenario, tackling myths and undiscovered secrets and gives all new insights into the terrifying machinations of this era.

Europe is beset by the troubles of World War 2. The British intelligence agency MI6 has managed to obtain documents that could be critical to the outcome of the whole conflict. A top secret memo, dated January 5, 1943 reads; “The documents appear to point toward the development of a new kind of weapons system by the Germans.”

MI6 has recruited expert physicist Dr. John Russell to verify the details described in the documents. But he was only able to confirm the authenticity of the documents, which leave open important questions about the grade of completion and combat readiness of this new weapon.

As part of Operation Winterun, Dr. Russell will be secretly taken to Berlin to uncover more information. “Agent Russell is authorised to set further mission objectives or establish radio contact if necessary,” reads the MI6 report.

Players will take on this important task as Dr. John Russell in Undercover: Operation Wintersun. The fate of the whole of Europe, if not the world, lies in his hands.

Undercover: Operation Wintersun deals with a horrific what-if scenario, creating a frighteningly real atmosphere. Set against an authentic backdrop, the intricately designed backgrounds, detailed 3D animation and many cinematic cutscenes all do their part.

ANACONDA will release the adventure game Undercover - Operation Wintersun by the end of September. It is being developed by the Austrian team of Sproing Interactive Media.

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