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Perimeter: Emperor's Testament

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Paradox Games

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'Perimeter: Emperor's Testament' Game Story Revealed

by Rainier on June 21, 2006 @ 7:31 p.m. PDT

Perimeter: Emperor's Testament will feature all new & updated graphics, tons of new units and structures, a new soundtrack, and a total of 25 new missions.

In the near future, a new Exodus begins as the remnants of human civilization are forced to travel into the dark mystery of space, leaving the dwindling, uninhabitable Earth behind. The ones who call themselves the Spirits – those who see themselves as the new leaders and saviors of the human race – believe that a new planet, suitable for living, will be found in the Psychosphere. With the discovery of this so-called New Earth as its goal, humanity launches itself into this enigmatic and dangerous cosmic region.

Colossal ark-towns, carrying hundreds of colonists, travel for centuries through the seemingly endless hostile worlds of the Psychosphere. Overseeing all of it are the Spirits, who use their unique ability to discover new worlds and connect them via portals, creating the so-called interconnected “Chain of Worlds.”

But not even humanity’s desperate search for a new home can put an end to the unrest that grows in the hearts of man, and between the tyranny of the Spirits and endless political in-fighting, the Exodus eventually falls to pieces. New factions arise from the ashes: the Empire and the Harkback, both of which have very different goals and philosophies. The Harkbacks believe that the old Earth may still be inhabitable, while the Empire believes that humans should remain in the Chain of Worlds. The antagonism between the two groups boils into a war that goes on for many decades, across many worlds.

Despite this violent and deadly turn of events, the Spirits nevertheless continue their journey to still-unknown New Earth. Amidst the fighting, the Harkbacks persist in trying to retrace humanity’s steps through the stars to rediscover the now-mythical “old” Earth; meanwhile, the Emperor, not caring for either the new or old Earth, builds up his so-called “Sponge Empire” using portable automated bases known as Vice Frames.

One day, away from the prying eyes of other factions, the Emperor secretly creates “the Mechanical Spirit,” a mechanism which allows him to discover new Worlds. In so doing, the Emperor acquires the ability which had previously been available to his mortal foes – the Spirits, which had been the source of their power. But the time has now come for a new age, and for a new power to emerge on the cosmic stage.

However, when the Emperor assigns one of his Vice Frames to start testing this new mechanism, a series of cataclysmic events leads to the appearance of an ethereal intelligence, transforming the device into the Mechanical Messiah and spawning the discovery of a parallel Chain of Worlds. Also unearthed during this tumultuous time are the locations of the “lost” Exodus Frames as well as traces of a mysterious alien race.

Amidst the chaos, a deadly struggle erupts that pits friend against foe, slave against master, dead truth against newborn lie.

Who are the Spirits – saviors or destroyers of the human race? Who is the Mechanical Messiah – a judge or a puppet? Who is the Emperor? Who will win? The player will discover the answer during the spectacular single-player campaign of “Perimeter: Emperor’s Testament”.

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