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Real World Golf 2007

Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 2
Genre: Sports
Publisher: In2Games
Developer: In2Games

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'Real World Golf 2007' (PS2/PC) Gets Release Date

by Rainier on June 22, 2006 @ 3:10 a.m. PDT

Using the revolutionary Gametrak system that allows players to track their swing in real-time. Real World Golf 2007 features a brand new in-game engine built from the ground up and a host of new courses and features to further enhance the virtual golfing experience.

Real World Golf 2007 uses Innovative Gametrak motion capture technology as in the original game but, with 100Hz sampling, provides double the resolution of the original game, allowing players to swing a club with all the realism and accuracy of real golf. You can pitch, fade, draw, slice or spin the ball, as the innovative Gametrak system closely traces your swing in real time and puts it directly into the game.

Key new features of this game are the detailed training and analysis that will help you improve your game for real;
Swing Trainer system – This analyses and displays your swing plane, giving expert advice to help you improve and fine-tune your swing
Impact analyser – This shows exactly how you hit the ball. Featuring an In-depth analysis of your club head as it comes through the ball showing the horizontal and vertical impact planes explaining why the ball does what it does when you hit it

Real World Golf 2007 also features;

  • A total of 15 courses – including the world famous Ryder Cup course, The De Vere Belfry.
  • Stunning new graphics and animation systems – massively enhanced from the original game
  • An exciting new putting system – giving full control over the aim and power of your putt and taking green slope and speed into consideration for ultra--realism
  • Full game commentary - from the legendary ‘voice of golf’, Peter Alliss

Launch date: 25th August 2006 (Europe), Q4 2006 (USA)

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