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'Armored Core: Last Raven' (PS2) Goes Gold

by Rainier on June 5, 2006 @ 5:24 a.m. PDT

The final Armored Core series installment for the PS2, Last Raven is the most intense mech game ever, featuring a full story mode where each selected mission has an immediate impact on the ultimate story outcome. Agetec today announced that Armored Core Last Raven has achieved gold master status.

Armored Core: Last Raven picks up six months after the events of Armored Core: Nexus. The corporations have merged to form a single superpower, known as the Alliance, in their ultimate attempt to gain world dominance. Tired of the corporate rule, a missionary group of Ravens, known as the Vertex, have formed and declared war. The fate of the universe depends upon you, a lone Raven with awesome mech powers. Now you must choose sides or decide to stand-alone; either way you will face the ultimate battle!

Armored Core: Last Raven features:

  • A branching storyline with 6 multiple endings;
  • Human Interaction;
  • An active mission system with each decision affecting the next;
  • Virtually unlimited variety of options, parts, and weapons;
  • Improved game play effects, including for the first time mechs that continue in battle even after losing an arm, leg or head.

Armored Core: Last Raven is scheduled for nationwide release on June 13th 2006. The title has an ESRB rating of Teen and will retail for $29.99.

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