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Macrovision and Double Fusion Team Up to Offer In-Game Advertising

by Rainier on June 9, 2006 @ 5:58 a.m. PDT

Macrovision and in-game advertising provider Double today announced that they have come together to launch a new in-game advertising offering via the Trymedia Network of online portals, ISPs and e-commerce sites.

The new offering will deliver around-game ads, a subset of the in-game advertising category, and feature rich media and video pre-roll ads that a consumer views at the start of game play. As part of a Try-and-Buy downloadable game, the new offering enables advertisers to effectively sponsor the game trial period.

Consumer product advertisers are increasingly diverting dollars away from more traditional forms of advertisement in favor of game-associated advertising not only because gamers constitute an attractive demographic, but also because their attention is fully captured while they are immersed in gameplay. Trymedia's catalog contains a large selection of both core and casual games, so the company is able to offer access to both the 18-34 year-old male core audience as well as the older and more predominantly female players of puzzle and other intuitive mainstream games.

In the new offering, Macrovision is providing the ad-enabling technology as a feature of its ActiveMARK product for digital distribution, as well as an established catalog of PC game content and a network of distribution points. Under the agreement, Double Fusion will be an exclusive sales agent for the in-game ads through the Trymedia Network.

"Games-related advertising is rapidly becoming a must-have for a lot of big brand consumer ad campaigns," said Jon Epstein, CEO of Double Fusion. "The Trymedia ad solution will enable advertisers to launch campaigns within hours of placing an ad order and specifically target that elusive mainstream gamer demographic. It's a real step forward in reaching the highly attractive games audience."

"Double Fusion's reputation and experience in games-related advertising is a strong ally to the power of our worldwide digital distribution network for games," remarked Fred Amoroso, CEO of Macrovision. "The Trymedia Network's combination of casual and core audience enables advertisers to target the most highly-sought demographic groups for consumer product ad campaigns."

In-game advertising takes advantage of the latest version of Trymedia's ActiveMARK digital distribution technology to offer advertisers quick, easily changeable ad campaigns that can be deployed across Trymedia's broad catalog of participating game publishers with full targeting and response capabilities.

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