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Pro Cycling Manager 2006

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Sports
Publisher: Focus
Developer: Cyanide Studio

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'Pro Cycling Manager 2006' - v1.0.0.3 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on July 14, 2006 @ 9:52 a.m. PDT

Pro Cycling Manager 2006 offers you the chance to take part in the most important international races at the head of a professional cycling team. In this latest version of the game, such well-known teams as T-Mobile complete an already impressive peloton of almost 50 official teams. <br><br>Pro Cycling Manager 2006 has, for the first time, secured the prestigious Tour de France licence, meaning that players can now compete for the legendary "Yellow Jersey" as well as the green (points) jersey and polka dot (King of the Mountains) jersey. Winning, or failing to win, such jerseys can make or break a season for a top team.

Get the Pro Cycling Manager 2006 v1.0.0.3 patch off WP (40mb)


- Correction to a few problems that causes the occasional crash on certain PCs.
- High options (1 texture per cycliste, level 4 of public) are now available only with a 256 Mo GPU.

New features

- Database (riders, teams, races, ....) editor


- SuperPrestige points added for climber and points jerseys. Corrects bug whereby goals that included these jerseys could not be attained.


- Update to Tour of Portugal
- Tennis court removed from route on the 1st stage of the Dauphiné Libre (70km)
- Correction to allocation of bonuses on 4th stage of Tour of Austria (Individual time-trial)

Race Mode

- Increase in time-gap for tail enders before elimination from a stage race. Reduces number of riders eliminated, especially in hilly/mountain stages.
- Correction to bug which enabled energy to be saved during a race (widely exploited in online games).
- Button added enabling export of a TXT file with list of race starters. All exports will be saved to a directory called "exported results".
- Correction to a display bug affecting "Sprint" tab on the in-race info page for arrivals in the mountains.

Career Mode

- Corrects a bug which may prevent a career being continued beyond 5th

February 2006

- Correction to bug whereby no more staff (especially trainers) were available.
- Correction to display bug on Manager page which occurs from 2007
- Link to teams on the results page of team time-trials now functions correctly
- Correction to bug on Training page which allowed figures of over 100% to be displayed in progress table
- Progression of riders (especially young riders) : the peloton now progresses more slowly across a career, especially when crossing experience thresholds.
- Race days are now counted from start of race, even if rider abandons.
- Correction to bug affecting contract renewals.


- Correction to bug in exported results where "ST" was displayed instead of rider's time.
- Rider's average attribute figure is updated when game is started
- Sort by surname (and not by forename) in result tables.


- Correction to loading of a multiplayer game (season and tour modes)
- Ladder mode : "Pause" available at start of race
- x2 speed available at the end of a race
- New stages available in ladder mode

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