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'Steel Panthers: World War 2 - WinSPWW2' - v1.1b Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on July 14, 2006 @ 2:31 p.m. PDT

WinSPWW2 features true combined arms warfare from 1930 through 1946, an era that saw the theories of J.F.C. Fuller and Giulio Douhet put to the test as the world burned. This v1.1b patch works for both the free, downloadable version, and the Enhanced CD edition, providing several fixes, tweaks, and enhancements.

Get the WinSPWW2 v1.1b off WP (5mb)

There were some problems with reinforcement units not having the same entry turn as their APC- fixed. Passengers now have their reinforcement turn set to same as vehicle.

Artillery effectiveness against armour was too high and the following changes have been made to the code
Only units in the shell explosion hex will receive top hits (except cluster munitions)
Penetration in the blast circle outside the shell explosion hex has been reduced for shell splinters (except cluster munitions)
Armoured units may now suffer a suppression-only hit (hit by shell splinters message)
HE penetration on armour now needs more overpenetration to be certain of a penetration effect. If equal, 25% will go through, if overpenetration of 6, 90%
More chance of immobilisations (track hits) rather than kills especially if the shell size is small

Short range effects in infantry combat was a bit too high and the following changes have been made to the code
The bonus effect for fire at 50m reduced, and takes more consideration of firer suppression
The bonus for being unspotted (ambush fire at short range) has been reduced and takes more consideration of firer suppression level
The panic fire chance at 50 metres takes more consideration of suppression to the firer

The net result of these changes are a more give -and- take firefight

An Optional AI force level adjustment for Campaign games has been added.
An INI file variable has been added (optional) for users to use to boost (or even reduce!) AI points in campaign games . Information on this is included in the Game guides "Playing a Campaign" section and in a Text file found in the Game Data folder

The coding for Smoke shells in campaign game upgrades was wrong and has been fixed. In campaign battles beyond the first, units will have correct smoke shell loads.

Anti tank gun reaction fire adjustment
In reaction fire, ATG (and FLAK) are now more oriented to vehicle/armoured
targets, infantry less so, especially beyond 500m range.
A players Anti-tank gun will now tend to reserve fire for vehicle/armour targets and not pop off at infantry especially if not yet spotted.

Arid maps
Arid maps (e.g. Tunisia) used in V1 was being treated as a summer map, so not using the desert icons. Desert icons are now used (if they have them) by units in Arid maps.

Turn length
As WW2 tends to use marching infantry, default battle length has been increased a bit to allow for this.

Barges were creating a new barge in the barge carrier when save games were re-loaded. Fixed. One one barge per barge carrier now.

The cost of units has increased. In some cases more than others. Generally the change has been slightly upwards but heavier tanks now cost more. For example. A KV-1 in Ver1 cost 91 points in MOBHack and now costs 112 points ( the game cost will vary due to experience and moral modifiers ) A IS-II that cost 93 points in V1 now costs 126 points. A Koenigstiger in ver1 was 156 points and now costs 214 points in v1.1. As a result all scripted campaigns have had their points allotment altered and new versions of those files are included with the patch as are a complete set of OOB's which also contain a number of tweaks and changes based on suggestions or problems found after the game was released

Also included-

6 new PIC's
2 revised sound FX
3 new Icons
2 revised scenarios and 13 new ones bringing the total number of scenarios in the game to 345

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