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War Rock

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Online Multiplayer
Publisher: K2 Network
Developer: Dream Execution
Release Date: Feb. 8, 2007

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'War Rock' - Open Beta Client Available NOW

by Rainier on July 14, 2006 @ 5:18 p.m. PDT

War Rock, developed by Dream Execution, is an online FPS game in the style of EA's Battlefield 2, allowing you to experience online battlefields on a large scale, supporing vechicles for land, sea and air.

Get the WarRock beta Client off WP (250mb)

Though still in Beta test, gamers can play all three game modes (Mission, Infantry and Vehicle), pick from five distinct combat specialties and tote an armory-full of guns into the frontlines while driving the combat vehicle of their choice. Depending on the game-mode selected, players can duel up close and personal in war-torn streets or take their battles to land, sea and sky. Combatant vehicles range from motorcycles and Humvees, to gunboats and Blackhawk attack-choppers.

The commercial launch, set for later this summer, will include an ever wider selection of weaponry, vehicles, and maps; K2 Network also expects to update the game on a regular basis with new content, as well as host tournaments and provide support for a growing competitive clan community.

“The game is free to download, free to play, and players can advance to the top tiers of competitive play without ever paying a dime to K2 Network. There will be options that some gamers may want to buy to customize their in-game experience, but they will not affect play balance at all”, according to War Rock Producer Matt Norton.

“We realize that the Free2Download & Free2Play™ model can be difficult to understand,” Norton said. “People are looking for the catch – because no one has given away really top-tier gameplay before – but there really isn’t one. You can play for free, forever, and rise to the very highest ranks.”

The addition of War Rock to K2 Network’s family of online games broadens the company’s Free2Play™ offerings to include MMORPGs, sports/casual games and FPS titles. More information can be found at company’s website at

The commercial launch of the game is scheduled for release later this Summer. Be sure to check the War Rock Web site ( for updates.

War Rock was created by South Korean developer Dream Execution Technology Co., Ltd., a development studio that focuses on game engine and online game development. Dream Execution Technology is the creator of the Jindo Engine, a patented game engine used in War Rock.

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