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Phoenix Racing

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Racing
Publisher: Mythopoea Games
Developer: Mythopoea Games

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'Phoenix Racing' - v2.1 Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on July 15, 2006 @ 6:23 a.m. PDT

In Phoenix Racing you can modify everything from the transmission to the drive shafts. There are 10 different slots on the car you can switch out. As you race and win, modify your car and build it into a true racing machine. See if you have what it takes to handle the race.

Get the Phoenx Racing v2.1 demo off WP (35mb)

Phoenix Racing version 2.1 has been better balanced thanks in part to feedback and comments from the community, and it has been our pleasure to remedy many of the issues the community has brought to our attention. Version 2.1 allows users for the first time to buy either the Brooks Double R, or the Ultima Sports GTR from the showroom. For those who still love the Allard Jx2, you can earn the money to purchases that car through the showroom through one of three races.

All the tracks have been modified for a better game play. The Oval has been streamlined to run faster and smoother, with the addition of 5 AI bots for a grand total of 10 on that track. The Volcano track has been removed from the demo (We will be adding it in the final version with a twist, a swaying bridge!!) and in its place in version 2.1 of the demo is the abandoned bridge track; this is a drag race across a rusted, abandoned bridge with a few surprises. While we would like to tell you more, all we can say is watch out for holes. In addition to the modified Oval and the Abandoned Bridge drag race, we have also added the Waterfall Track. This figure 8 track will take you up a step bridge and back around through a raging waterfall to a race to the finish across a lake.

We are pleased to say, however, that tracks and cars are not the only thing that has changed in the demo. The game will now install two new shortcuts to your windows program directory. One of these will open a revised and expanded Help file which includes images to go with the commands for increased clarity.

A new Hot Key (F6) has been added for taking screenshots, and to alleviate the danger of accidentally exiting the game by pressing the escape key, the escape key has now been deactivated. Instead, to exit the game, just click on the [X] in the corner of the right hand window. In addition, Track Cameras have been replaced with Bot Cameras allowing you to view where each AI bot is at all times. These cameras are available using the F1 through F11 keys.

As with version 2.0, there is no need to wait for a second window to bring up the server and the client; version 2.1 is fully single player.

How to Race:

Now all you have to do is buy your car, and select race. A dialog will pop up asking rather you wish to race single player or Multi-player (Multi-player is not enabled in Demo). Click on Single player and another dialog will pop up asking you for a name, and Track Type you wish to Race on. Type in your name, and select your track. Hit Ok , you will be dropped into the race, and off you go.


  • Server – Client are separated, no loading windows


  • Change Throttle – K
  • Change Steering – J

*Note Pressing one or the other dose not enable total mouse control or Joystick Control .To enable Total Mouse Control press K&J keys once, for Joystick twice.


  • Main Button: Allows you to configure the menu system, and make certain changes to the game. Buttons in the menu include:
    • Music Player
    • Change Skin
    • Credits
    • Reset
  • Music Player: The buttons function like a real world CD player. Stop, play, next, previous, volume up, and down. The power button will exit the player. It also has a load button. It allows the user to load custom play lists to enjoy throughout the game. Play list file and the mp3's must be in the main folder of the game. To create your own play list, first make a text file. In the first line of the text file must be a name that is the same as the saved text file (this is the name that will appear on the player display). The second line will be the number of the songs in the play list. You can have up to ten songs. Starting on the 3rd line put the exact name of the file to be played, including the extension.
  • Change Skin: This allows you to pick 1 of 5 customized looks for the game client
  • Reset: Erases all data from your game file and resets to new game.
  • Stats: Gives the users the run down of wins, loses, and ranks. They appear in this order.
    • Wins
    • Losses
    • 2nd place
    • 3rd place
    • Ranking Car 1
    • Ranking Car 2
    • Ranking Car 3
  • Credits: The usual acknowledgments and thanks to everyone who contributed towards the game.

Minimum game requirements:

600MHz processor
Higher then 256 RAM
Graphics accelerator card
Win 98

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