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'Fastlane Pinball' Global Online Tournament Opens

by Rainier on July 20, 2006 @ 12:55 a.m. PDT

Merscom today announced the opening of the Fastlane Pinball Global Online Tournament. Each month, the player with the highest score will receive an exclusive Fastlane Pinball trophy. The winners from each month will compete in June 2007 to determine the Fastlane Pinball Global Champion.

Developed by Framework Studios, Fastlane Pinball is now available at the Merscom store for $9.99. Authentic ball physics, full 3D graphics, rotating camera angles and more combine to deliver a grand pinball experience in Fastlane Pinball.

To enter the tournament, Fastlane Pinball users need to download the latest upgrade from After playing the game, players will have the option to submit their scores online. Upon clicking the link in a confirmation email, the score will be ranked automatically against other Fastlane Pinball scores. The high score list will be reset every month, and the top ten contenders of each month will remain viewable in the monthly results list.

Featuring a real-time 3D physics model and advanced 3D graphics, Fastlane Pinball delivers arcade satisfuring a highway chase, and try ones luck on the slot machines. Players can also use combo shots to send pinball scores soaring through the roof.action unlike any other pinball sim. Players can test their reflexes on the flippers in Fastlane Pinball as firetrails, explosions, close-up camera action, split-screen views and old-school display games are thrust onscreen.

Challenging missions like Subway Blowout, Jailbreak, and Monorail Maze give players a chance to pack pizzas for a buck, race police cars d

To purchase Fastlane Pinball, visit the Merscom store. All the latest news about the Global Online Tournament, high scores, upgrades and downloads can be found at the game's official website.

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