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'Star Wars Galaxies: The Complete Online Adventures' Bundle Announced

by Rainier on July 20, 2006 @ 8:37 a.m. PDT

LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment today announced Star Wars Galaxies: The Complete Online Adventures, the most inclusive Star Wars Galaxies experience ever released. The bundle includes the original SWG, 3 expansion packs and a tons of bonus material such as Empire at War demo, ingame items, trailers and plenty more ...

The Complete Online Adventures features the base game, Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided, along with all three of the game's expansions: Jump to Lightspeed®, Rage of the Wookiees(TM), and Trials of Obi-Wan. In addition, Star Wars Galaxies subscribers will automatically receive a series of game updates that are scheduled to be released by LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment throughout 2006, filled with new content, features and gameplay enhancements.

In addition to the hundreds of hours of gameplay included in The Complete Online Adventures, the game is also slated to include a bonus DVD filled with premium content including:

  • An exclusive in-game item for use while playing the game - a personal AT-RT vehicle as seen in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith(TM);
  • A slide show Star Wars Galaxies screenshots and never-before-seen concept art, all set to beautifully orchestrated in-game music;
  • Interviews with Star Wars Galaxies production staff, detailing the incredible art, characters and music of the game;
  • Excerpts from the popular "From Pencil to Pixel" book that chronicles the art of Star Wars Galaxies;
  • In-game movie featurettes produced by Star Wars Galaxies fans;
  • Cinematic trailers and commercial television ads produced for Star Wars Galaxies;
  • A demo of the popular PC strategy game Star Wars: Empire at War.

"For the first time, all of the Star Wars Galaxies gameplay is in one box, giving you, or the Star Wars® fan on your holiday gift list, the perfect way to jump right into Star Wars Galaxies, and immediately start having fun," said Nancy MacIntyre, vice-president of global sales and marketing for LucasArts. "LucasArts and Sony Online Entertainment have been working hard over the past year to continue to improve and update the Star Wars Galaxies gameplay, for an experience that is both accessible and immersive, and Star Wars Galaxies: The Complete Online Adventures is the sum total of that effort."

Star Wars Galaxies is one of the longest-running and most popular online experiences, bringing gamers of all ages and skill levels together in the ultimate Star Wars journey. Jump into exciting adventures that lead you to legendary Star Wars locations including Jabba's Palace and the infamous Mos Eisley Cantina. Begin aboard the Millennium Falcon helping Han Solo and Chewbacca fend off the notorious Jabba the Hutt. Along the way, join with Star Wars characters on missions that span across the galaxy. Ally with the Rebels to fight against the Galactic Empire, or join forces with the Dark Side and crush the Rebel scum. Heroic adventurers can seek their fortune in space or on the ground as a Bounty Hunter, Smuggler, Jedi or a host of other unique Star Wars professions.

The Complete Online Adventures is scheduled to be available at retail stores nationwide November 2006 for a suggested retail price of $29.99.

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