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Out of the Park Baseball 2006

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Sports Interactive

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'Out of the Park Baseball 2006' - Updated v1.02 Demo / Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on July 25, 2006 @ 4:53 a.m. PDT

Out of the Park Baseball 2006 offers gamers the ultimate in realism with its brand new pitch-by-pitch game engine, unrivalled playability and unparalleled customization. You can create your own fictional baseball universe or team dynasty, sign free agents, draft hot prospects, and more, creating the most engrossing franchise management game ever.

Get the Out of the Park Baseball 2006 v1.02 demo/patch off WP (15/33mb)


New features

- Added scouted overall & potential score to sortable player lists as a part of the general info (must be acting as a GM and delete data ables folder once in order to get the ratings to show up)
- Added wild pitches to the team pitching stats table
- Added passed balls to the team fielding stats table
- Added the ability to load & save world setups as templates during game creation
- Added player league level to the custom filter and view options for player lists
- Added two new stat splits: Last Year and 2 Years Ago
- Added an option to automatically delete retired players who never reached the major leagues, saving memory
- Added an option to the preferences dialog to select the use of page selectors for sortable lists
- Added accomplishments section to league history
- Added milestones to player history summary
- Added the option to delete all free agents (only available in commish mode)
- Added the option to release all players and schedule an inaugural draft (only available during pre-season)
- Added the option to watch any game when not in commish mode
- Added the option of not pausing after each play in the in-game screen when watching a game
- Active roster sizes can now be reduced up to 15 men
- Added support for 1 and 2 man pitching rotations
- Added "import all teams from import_export folder" function
- Added the ability to edit coach/manager strategies if in commish mode (#1899)
- Added blown saves to pitching game log page
- Added the ability to take control of every team in a league when in commish mode (league setup -> other functions menu)
- FTP upload creates missing directories on the server automatically
- Added dialog to select, archive, zip and upload league files to the league server
- Added archive/zip feature plus extra upload option to the "Create & Upload Reports" dialog
- Added player status to player HTML report
- Added ability to generate depth charts based on a lineup
- Improved default league settings for included real leagues
- Added the option of being notified when a player is eligible to come off the DL
- Added potential minor league free agents to the possible free agents list of a team
- The game now remembers the last logged in manager in non-online games
- Amateur drafts now can have less than five rounds
- Added the option to easliy change a player's uniform number in the player profile screen
- Added uniform number to the player lists (delete data ables folder once in order to get the numbers to show up)
- The ballpark name is now editable in the team options screen
- Added league financial report
- The league structure can now be edited during the offseason and preseason
- Added the option to erase all player career stats
- The dialogs "Create reports" and "Upload league files" will save the settings automatically
- Function to create date-stamped backups of the database files
- Function to check, download, unzip and load updated online league files
- The "download online league team files" dialog saves and displays date/time of files when loaded

Fixes and improvements

#227 - Fixed wildcard scheduling opponent in initial playoff round
#791 - Fixed player salaries developing in non-FA leagues
#1166 - Fixed problem with team logos when there is a "." in the team name
#1402 - GM/Managers data added to CSV/SQL Dump
#1408 - Fixed display problems with historical team abbreviations
#1408 - Fixed display problems with historical team abbreviations
#1442 - Fixed lines not wrapping in PbP
#1446 - Fixed manager age calculation when creating a game
#1480 - Fixed split season winner selection
#1486 - Trade offers no longer expire after using the back button
#1608 - Importing or generating schedules now only possible in pre-season
#1609 - Pages with scrolling lists now remember where you were when you leave the page and return
#1640 - Fixed back-to-back bug
#1662 - Paths in dialogs will be shortened "Windows style" if they are too long
#1694 - Fixed problems with the AI going over the salary cap through trades
#1708 - Fixed AI messing with minor league lineups of human teams
#1710 - Fixed a series of memory leaks causing the game to perform badly the longer it was left open and simming
#1737 - Tweaked fielding pct of finctional players
#1742 - Fixed importing of HBP, balk, WP, and batter hit-by-pitch ratings from OOTP 6.x leagues
#1747 - Fixed issue where teams were charged twice when releasing arbitration-eligible players after the season ends
#1751 - Pinch hitting stats are now properly recorded
#1752 - Fixed copying of strategies
#1762 - Fixed some inconsistencies with spring training in the Schedule Evaluation report
#1768 - Sim to date no longer sims the target date
#1770 - Fixed Rule 5 Draft scheduling problems
#1772 - Awards winners report labeling has been incorrect
#1775 - Fixed bug in reports upload dialog and league files upload dialog: program couldn't change drive
#1785 - Fixed "invalid date" error when downloading all team exports via FTP
#1789 - HOF criteria set with 0 are now being ignored
#1793 - Factored groundball percentage more into the calculations of HR frequency in the game engine
#1799 - Fixed DFA issues when using the right-click menu
#1802 - Fixed rookie of the year award problems
#1809 - Fixed starting time of tiebreakers
#1813 - Reduced frequency of severe injuries
#1818 - The AI no longer tries to trade recently signed or drafted players
#1825 - Fixed revenue sharing problems
#1825 - Fixed revenue sharing problems
#1826, #1178 - Tweaked player extension demands
#1827 - Fixed problems with drafted players showing up when preventing any roster moves
#1828 - Fixed hidden player aging
#1830 - Up and down arrows on lower pane of Player History page now work correctly
#1831 - fixed infield fly rule calls
#1839 - When adding a new team to the league, it will now automatically get team colors and a logo
#1839 - When adding a new team to the league, it will now automatically get team colors and a logo
#1842 - Fixed pitch counts after intentional walks
#1844, #1874 - Fixed problems with extra AB given after throwing errors
#1848, #2196 - All star game issues have been fixed
#1851 - Improved bullpen AI, particularly overuse of visiting bullpens and use of too many relievers in a game
#1855 - Player list now sorted by last names instead of first names
#1856 - Fixed cosmetic issues with coaches & scouts disabled
#1859 - Fixed coaches not leaving team when contract is up
#1865 - Tweaked pitch-out success
#1877 - Fixed player running speed creation in historical leagues using real modifiers
#1878 - Switching to ratings in the 40-man roster section of the transaction screen was fixed
#1878 - Switching to ratings in the 40-man roster section of the transaction screen was fixed
#1879 - Leaderboard numberings bug has been fixed
#1886 - SQL dump table "games_score": fixed number of innings
#1888 - Fixed game log displaying issues in in-game screen
#1891 - Fixed trade offers not expiring
#1898 - Fixed coach ratings display in personnel screen
#1903 - Improved roster AI in terms of carrying enough SP
#1911, #1936 - Fixed problems with importing of historical fielding ratings
#1913 - Fixed stats assignment to pitcher who did not really pitch
#1914 - Fixed bug with standings directly after playing games out
#1914 - Fixed bug with standings directly after playing games out
#1938 - fixed problems with foreigner limit rule
#1941 - Fixed AI problems when the winning run is on third base and the infield playing in
#1950 - Fixed "could not find team id" bug when exporting schedule
#1962 - Fixed IBB count reporting in split stats
#1963 - Fixed AI trying to trade injured players
#1965 - Fixed phantom ER bug
#1972 - Fixed problems with coaches/scouts payroll being displayed when disabled
#1973 - Fixed visiting the mound after bringing in a reliever
#1980 - Fixed player filter problems with PITCHER position
#1982 - Fixed editing of media contracts
#1985 - base stealers now get credited with a SB on catcher throwing errors
#1988 - Fixed generating of player with "1" as the last name
#2002 - Attendence of spring games no longer show up in front office
#2005 - Fixed contract demands of SP with low endurance
#2012 - Pitcher run support and TB allowed are now properly tracked
#2019 - Fixed game log of CS of third base
#2023 - Fixed extension problem for players with minor league contracts
#2025 - Fixed switch hitters not adjusting after pitching change
#2033 - Quality starts are now properly recorded
#2041 - Templates are no longer overwritten, a warning is given instead
#2042 - Fixed players getting traded to another league playing for below the league minimum salary
#2043 - Fixed blank lines in PbP
#2044 - Human team games are no longer simulated in the background when playing/watching a game
#2045 - Player with a major league contract can no longer be sent to the minors without being on the 40-man roster
#2049 - Fixed bug where earning a 3-inning saves did not include earning a save opportunity
#2057 - Team batting strikeouts are now ranked properly in team leader lists
#2063 - Fixed minor league free agency with unaffiliated teams
#2073 - Draft eligible payers are now included when generating all reports
#2083 - Position filters now longer reset after a transaction
#2089 - Fixed team power rankings report remembering positions
#2089 - Fixed team power rankings report remembering positions
#2094 - MySQL errors in teams and cities have been fixed
#2096 - Player and coaches sorting has been incorrect with lower-case names
#2101 - Fixed position distribution on generated free agents
#2103 - Player lists on the transaction screen now remeber the scrollbar position
#2103 - Player lists on the transaction screen now remeber the scrollbar position
#2107 - Fixed FTP issues
#2108 - Fixed problems with notifications when controlling all team
#2111 - Fixed problems of player names not displaying when wathcing allstar games
#2111 - Fixed problems of player names not displaying when wathcing allstar games
#2112 - Injured minor leaguers can now be DFA'ed from the 40-man roster
#2114 - Players on the 40-Man roster are no longer given a major league contract automatically
#2114 - Players on the 40-Man roster are no longer given a major league contract automatically
#2115 - Fixed problems with positions assigned in-game
#2115 - Fixed problems with positions assigned in-game
#2118 - Fixed frequency of 3-1 plays
#2118 - Fixed frequency of 3-1 plays
#2120 - Fixed teams offering job to the manager they just fired
#2123 - Fixed templates not saving inaugural draft option
#2132 - Fixed free agents showing up twice the roster export
#2133 - SQL dump table "league_history_fielding_stats": added year, league id, sub league id
#2138 - Fixed importing of wild pitches in historical leagues
#2139 - Fixed team count in database info page
#2141 - Fixed spot starter selection AI
#2144 - Improved intentional walk AI
#2145 - Fixed crashing while quick-scouting
#2149 - Fixed pinch-runners getting RBI after injury
#2150 - Fixed stats scope not working with last year stats splits
#2156 - Fixed crashing after watching a game and then playing a game
#2164 - Optimized memory usage to prevent spikes in very universes
#2169 - Fixed talent change messages
#2173 - Improved PH for position players AI
#2177 - Fixed coaches experience calculation
#2180 - Tweaked ROY award selection
#2183 - Fixed spring game log not being deleted for some players
#2193, #2016 - CSV/SQL Dump for league leaders contains all record now
#2194 - Fixed revenue sharing sometimes displaying despite being disabled
#2197 - Fixed multiple pitcher of month awards bug
#2198 - Fixed rare reporting bug with milestone K's
#2204 - Fixed free agent contract demands during the regular season
#2239 - Fixed "ask AI to setup entire organization" players disappearing
#2258 - Players with a major league contract aquired via trade now automatically is put on the 40 man roster
#2260 - Fixed top performances report
#2263 - Fixed SB assignment on failed double steal
#2266 - Fixed a problem with saves
#2274 - Fixed age calculation aftet roster imports
#2275 - Fixed squeeze bunt AI
#2280 - Switching to the opponents team in the in-game screen is now possible when forced to substitute a player
#2281 - Fixed pitches in player editor
#2284 - Fixed problems recognizing free agency when set to less than 3 years
#2288 - Fixed pitching holds recording
#2306 - Fixed problems with low salary settings
#2316 - Fixed league level of expansion teams
#2324 - Fixed players refusing to be DFA
#2325 - Tweaked HBP frequency in fictional leagues
#2327 - Tweaked player contract demands
#2338 - The game can now handle 1-man pitching staffs
#2341 - When exporting roster files, " will be replaced with ' to prevent problems when importing
#2358 - Tweaked closer usage AI
#2364 - Fixed roster expansion date selector
#2380 - "Load game" dialog and "select manager" will not scroll to the top after selecting an item
#2383 - Manager age now changing when birth date edited
#2387 - Players on the 60 day DL get service time now
#2390 - Database will be saved automatically before uploading online league file
#2397 - Fixed typos in hard-coded text

- Fixed baserunning AI (advancing on ground balls etc.)
- Overall and potential ratings now show up as well when using no scouts
- Coach photos can now be assigned using the Coach_# naming convention, so photos are no longer shared between players and coaches
- Fixed FTP export path bug
- Adjusted salaries for closers
- Fixed problems with the usage of depth chart settings
- Fixed rare crash when viewing league history
- Fixed some crash issues (#1745, #1778, #1836, #1838, #1800, #1779, #1806, #1863, #1780, #2024, #1942, #2021)
- Fixed some PbP issues (#1925, #1921, #1922, #1924, #1948, #1928, #1930, #1931, #1932, #1964, #1043)
- Improved 40-man roster selection AI
- Improved contract offering AI if computer teams have lots of money available
- Improved loading time and game speed
- Improved pinch-hitting AI
- Improved retiring logic
- Improved the memory footprint of the game when handling large amounts of data
- Decreased the value of middle relievers in trades
- AI no longer adjusts lineups for human teams when managing a game
- Free agent pool after creating a league no longer contains top prospects
- Tweaked passed ball and wild pitch frequencies
- Tweaked player aging & development (increasing number of talent changes)
- Tweaked player position rating calculation & importing
- Scrollable player & coaches lists now remember their position
- Game now remembers position filters when on the lineup or ratings page
- Added fields to player table in SQL dump
- Split SQL dump player table into 4 tables
- Tweaked player generator in terms of speed and stealing
- Tweaked starting pitcher endurance
- Retired non-pitchers now do not become pitching coaches and vice-versa
- Tweaked the importing of OOTP 6/6.5 leagues
- The FTP password text edit box now behaves properly and correctly displays *
- FTP directories are now complete paths to either the reports or exports directory
- League events will be updated after importing or generating schedules
Fixed plenty PbP and game log bugs
Free Agents now wait a bit longer before finally signing a contract
Files in tar archives will show the correct file dates and time after inflating
Fixed several FTP problems
Fixed memory leaks
Added several fields to SQL dump (league table: financial coefficient and start year)
Fixed: SQL dumps didn't contain decimal values
Fixed the years drop down problem on the HTML scores page/report for leagues starting in a year and ending in the following year
Fixed overall rating for relievers with high endurance
Tweaked AI free agent bidding, making it more agressive
Fixed the links bound to the big letters on the history players index page
Fixed several PbP bugs
Fixed problems of free agents being signed to 1 year contracts in offseason before free agents have filed
The first half of the first amateur draft round is now protected from compensation picks
Tweaked the gae & talent of hidden players
Fixed inaugural draft AI in historical leagues
Fixed "pinch hitter not having to be replaced" bug
Fixed several crash problems
- Improved simulation speed
- Fixed FTP issues
- Improved FTP upload/download speed
- The team schedule report shows the all star game now
- Season stats are now displayed in the webcast view during playoff games
- Added nicknames to the team names in league financial report

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