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Baseball Mogul 2007

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Management
Publisher: Enlight Interactive
Developer: Sports Interactive

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'Baseball Mogul 2007' - v9.43 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on July 31, 2006 @ 6:14 a.m. PDT

The latest chapter in the Baseball Mogul series allows gamers to participate in the ultimate managerial experience and build the ball club of their dreams. Players are given the exclusive opportunity to fill the shoes of a major league general manager and partake in the daily operations of running a team. From scouting potential talent, negotiating trades and even setting ticket prices, players can control all facets of the game in real-time or run an entire season at the touch of a button.

Get the Baseball Mogul 2007 v9.43 patch off WP (2.5mb)

Here's the list of bug fixes and improvements for Baseball Mogul 2007 since Version 9.00:

- Box score only shows 'Save' when one was actually awarded
- Last season split stats displayed correctly
- 90+ 'Power' pitchers don't drastically lose 'Movement' in off-season
- "Draft Predictability" now has less effect on undrafted players (that is, players in the database at the start of the game)
- "Coaching" and "Retirement" listings added to Transactions Page
- Retirement AI improved
- Walks decreased; Strikeouts increased
- Feature added to reset Dialog Sizing: click 'Scroll Lock' on the splash screen (or delete mogfame.dat)
- Crash fixed in Lineup Dialog in Win98
- Player development improved (so star players don't randomly "drop off the cliff")
- 'Fictional Rookies' checkbox added to New Game Dialog
- Elected starters start in All Star Game unless injured, and All Star outfielders re-arranged for best defense
- Scrollbar enabled on 'Vitals' tab in Scouting Report
- CPU no longer releases good players solely because of injury
- 'Historical Rookies' and 'Fictional Rookies' added to League Options
- GS (Games Started) and IP (Innings Pitched) made more realistic for 2006 season
- Player Development: big one-year improvements (e.g. from 70/72 to 88/92) reduced
- Reduced computers signing and then immediately releasing the same player
- Outfield Assists fixed in Leaderboard (was only showing Right Field assists)
- Historical sim overhaul
- Fixed minor league fielding games exceeding minor league batting games
- CPU prefers AAA-level players for lineup when a major-league ready player isn't available
- Usage of bench players increased in lineup wh;
- Doesn't put players on DL for injuries <15 days
- 'Qualify Leaders' checkbox added to Sortable Stats
- Fielding Position dropdown added to Sortable Stats
- 'Retire' button added to Player Editor
- Option added in League Options to save all retired players with Major League experience
- Steal attempt AI better adjusts for ball-strike count
- "Hall Of Fame Career" added.
- Feature added to output crash information (stack, etc.) upon crash
- Player Editor now correctly shows NO maturation/improvement in batting stats for pitchers
- Starter not awarded win if pulled before 5 innings
- Peak matches Overall correctly in Player Editor
- Retirement increased (so 35-year-old scrubs don't hang around in the independent leagues as much)
- Peak and Overall ratings improved to create better distribution for relief pitchers and catchers
- Stadium load bug fixed (new stadiums were being loaded one year late)
- Mets no longer start in Abilene in 1961 expansion
- Arbitration no longer results in 'Major League' contract type for CPU teams
- Walk-off 2-RBI single eliminated when score is tied
- Improved GM AI for contract extensions
- Win98 crash fixed
- "Clear This Season Transactions" button added to Player Editor
- DH added automatically in 1973
- Twins start in Bloomington and move to Minneapolis in 1982
- Senators become Texas Rangers in 1972
- Interleague play auto-added in 1997
- "Matt Alexander Bug" fixed (fixed pinch runners from the 1970s getting too many SBs)
- Scouting crash fixed in Win98
- Setting "Defensive Replacement" to minimum level eliminates all defensive subs for that team
- 'Hall Of Fame' presets added to Sortable Stats (and Player Hall Of Fame Dialog changed)
- DH added to All-Star team selection
- Text formatting fixed for Arbitration listing in Transactions
- More Win98 fixes
- Improved progress bars
- Bug fixed saving uncompressed files
- Complete Games frequency fixed
- Relievers no longer stop pitching after 79 games
- "Pitch Through Trouble" AI fixed (now correctly ignores runs allowed if set to max)
- Save frequency increased
- IP/Game tweaked
- Range Factor now displayed as x.xx in Sortable Stats
- Nationals move to RFK Stadium in 2005
- Anaheim Angels name change moved from 1966 to 1965
- 'Bloomingtom' fixed (Twins now start in Minneapolis in new games from 1982 on)
- Fixed occasional Transaction load bug
- Default amateur draft talent reduced
- "Show Hall Of Fame Players Before Induction" checkbox added to League Options
- Players on CPU teams no longer accept contract extensions that cut their salary
- 'Amateur Draft Talent' dropdown added to League Editor
- Retired players in All-Time Leaders are automatically saved
- Defense value fixed in Overall ratings
- Overall ratings added for retired players
- 'HOF' shown correctly in Listview and Leaders Page
- Overall Rating: Weight of defense reduced for relief pitchers
- Balks & Pickoffs added to Sortable Stats

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