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Double Fusion Signs 3D In-Game Ad Solution

by Rainier on Aug. 1, 2006 @ 5:20 a.m. PDT

Double Fusion and 3D game art producer Vykarian announced today a strategic partnership that will provide a turnkey solution for advertisers and agencies that want to promote their products to gamers using the most engaging form of in-game advertising, 3D ads.

Double Fusion's technology allows marketers to place their actual products or other 3D models (like storefronts or celebrity avatars) as part of their in-game advertising campaigns. In a recent study conducted by Nielsen Interactive, 3D in-game advertising was shown to provide significantly greater impact and recall than other advertising formats.

"3D ads put advertisers in the game," said Jonathan Epstein, president and CEO of Double Fusion. "Until now, most advertisers haven't had direct experience in creating 3D ads. Our partnership with Vykarian creates a turnkey pathway for the smart marketers who want to take advantage of this high-impact approach, supported by the best creative talent in the business."

Vykarian was established in 2003 by CEO Xin Chung, a gaming industry veteran, and creative director American McGee, one of the world's top game design innovators, to provide a scalable AAA 3D production solution for top game publishers and developers. The company produces 3D models and other art assets for more than half of the top 10 game publishers.

"3D advertising brings products to life in games," said Vykarian's Chung, "but they have to look as good as the games themselves. Producing 3D models that look their best in the new generation of high-definition consoles and PCs requires large-scale technical production capabilities. With Double Fusion we're now able to offer these services to the innovators among in-game advertisers."

The companies are working together to offer outsourced 3D production services for advertisers or agencies that don't have existing production solutions. Vykarian's VYKnet system provides these advertisers a secure, online dashboard that is used to ensure that the 3D models created meet the approval standards of both the game publisher and the advertising agency.

Both Double Fusion and Vykarian fully understand the careful balance of ad integration and play value which has to be achieved for advertising to succeed with today's gamers.

"Integrating 3D models and animation enables advertisers and game designers to create advertising experiences that game players actually enjoy," said American McGee, creative director of Vykarian, who leads the advertising creative team. "3D takes in-game advertising to a whole new realm."

McGee's latest title, Bad Day LA, which ships in October, will feature in-game advertising placements enabled and sold by Double Fusion.

Innovating on proven models of advertising in print, television, and the Internet, Double Fusion is shaping the future of 3D in-game advertising through its technology and creative leadership. By pioneering solutions 3D in-game ads, Double Fusion is expanding revenue opportunities for advertisers, while facilitating publishers' ability to place ads without compromising the game experience.

"This partnership underlines our commitment to offer the most flexible range of ad placement solutions, from customized 3D product placements such as cars and mobile phones, to integrated ad-sponsored game features which enhance game play," noted Epstein.

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