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'DropTeam' Gets v1.1 Update, WW2 Expansion and Price Drop

by Rainier on Aug. 1, 2006 @ 5:58 a.m. PDT

DropTeam is a truly Sci-Fi multiplayer tactical simulation of mechanized ground combat using a new groundbreaking and powerful 3D engine. DropTeam is all about fun, fast and furious tactical action – but not at the expense of realistic physics and a credible combat experience.

1) Infantry added to the game

Earlier this week the 1.1 patch was pushed out via our automated game Update system and now brings the game to the v1.1 level. The most obvious change is the addition of Infantry squads! Presently, there are three new squad types modeled (with many more on the way) and represent lightly armored troops, with medium range jump packs and equipped with an assortment of beam, rifled and heavy weapons.

The developers have prepared a little movie for you showing off some of the enhanced mobility and lethal anti-tank skills that infantry posses. Check it out!

2) WW2 expansion announced

But wait, there is more! At the same time, the developers announced that work has begun on a WW2 expansion for DropTeam!

DropTeam - WW2 (working title) is an exciting extension of the DropTeam game system set in WWII. Players command realistically detailed WWII tanks, infantry, and guns in a detailed environment populated by up to 16 players on one of two sides.

As with the original DropTeam, each player commands a single unit at a time and coordinates his actions with teammates to achieve various victory conditions, or can play from a more strategic perspective by using the commander's interface on the overall tactical map to issue orders to units much like a traditional RTS game.

Steve Grammont, co-founder of said: "Teams that know how to use complimentary units in combination with each other will likely crush those who don't. For example, one player may command an armored half track while another rides inside with an infantry team, while a third sticks close by with a heavily armored tank for protection.

Since we know we are going to be asked, here are our thoughts on the realism of DT-WW2. The units and environment are extremely realistically portrayed. DT already has an amazingly life like physics engine complete with ballistics and armor handling that is extremely accurate. The tactics that DT-WW2 encourages are also quite realistic with a heavy emphasis on cooperation of infantry and armor.

Yet with all this realism the emphasis is, like with DT before it, on having fun! This is a fast paced, adrenaline pumping gaming experience. New features such as buildings that can be occupied/destroyed, the ability to bail out of damaged vehicles, reinforcement zones, air attacks, and other exciting features will make sure of that."

DT-WW2 will evolve over time, covering different theaters of combat at different points in the war. The initial setting will be the hectic battles in Normandy during the summer of 1944. As with the previous DT, it can be experienced using Windows, Mac, and LINUX operating systems. More details to come later this summer!

3) Base game now only $35

But wait, there is more! As part of our "Battlefront Classics" promotion which started today, the base game of DropTeam (together with many other of Battlefront's classic wargames) has been reduced in price to only $35 for the digital delivery or mail delivery version! That's a $10 savings over the original release price. A free multiplayer demo of the game is available also for download from:

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