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'Jagged Alliance 3D' Gets Updated Graphics Engine - Screens

by Rainier on Aug. 10, 2006 @ 1:37 p.m. PDT

Jagged Alliance 3D is a classic turn-based tactical strategy with strong RPG elements, and fully destroyable environment. It offers well known mechanics and atmosphere of the original games, as well as the pleasure of meeting good old friends - A.I.M. mercenaries.

Jagged Alliance is coming back! The famous series that have won on a lot of fans all over the world gains a new life. JA3D is a classic turn-based tactical strategy with strong RPG elements. Well known mechanics and atmosphere of the original games. Meet old friends – A.I.M. mercenaries – in highly interactive environment where you have a possibility to destroy almost everything. And that is not all features of the new JA game. New missions will let you dive in the thrilling atmosphere of guerilla warfare during a civil war in a small tropical country. And the additional - 3D - dimension will give you new and astonishing depth of combat.

Lots of work has been done to perfect game-mechanics and level game's balance. At the same time Jagged Alliance 3D graphic engine has been improved noticeably. With new graphic features implemented, the game is taking on a definitely new look.

Old engine

Updated engine


  • Jagged Alliance setting;
  • 3D Graphical Engine;
  • Turn-based combat system, tested with time and numerous tactics addicts;
  • Familiar characters - mercenaries from previous games included;
  • Highly interactive environment (almost everything is destructible), which gives player unlimited tactical possibilities;
  • A lot of realistic weapons;
  • Jagged Alliance 2 RPG system;
  • Jagged Alliance 2 interface;
  • Total control over the combat;
  • Various battlefields.

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