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'Chronicles of Spellborn' Rocks the Games Convention!

by Rainier on Aug. 14, 2006 @ 9:58 a.m. PDT

European Goth Rock band Within Temptation,build around front woman Sharon den Adel, will rock the expo twice as they perform two mini concerts during which exclusive new Spellborn songs and platinum selling hits like 'Stand my ground' will be played. Within Temptation will perform their show in Hall 4 during the expo.

The first concert takes place on August 23, the press day, at 15.00. The second concert will take place the same day at 18.00 hr. All expo visitors during that day are invited to be part of this very special Games Convention groundbreaking event. Frogster and Spellborn will plan a plethora of surprises surrounding these concerts. The press gets the opportunity to do some exclusive interviews with the band and the developers. After the last concert Frogster will organise a 'get together'. The Chronicles of Spellborn places thousands of gamers together in a world filled with history, dangers and adventure.

The game is based on the Unreal engine © and offers groundbreaking graphics and art style with numerous innovative features, like players influencing the world with their adventures and a skill-based combat system with manual targeting. The new songs from Within Temptation were inspired by the fantastic and dark atmosphere of the Spellborn world. Players can discover The Chronicles of Spellborn themselves in the booth in Hall 3, booth A21.

Angela Schierholz, Project director Games Convention Leipzig: "I think it is great that we will celebrate a double premiere on the Games Convention. Both the game, The Chronicles of Spellborn, can be seen by the public for the first time and the new rock songs from Within Temptation that will be performed live for the first time. It shows the importance of the Leipzig GC, that such a well known band wants to make such a performance on our convention."

Dirk Weyel, CMO with Frogster interactive: "We will make clear from the start that The Chronicles of Spellborn will be main topic of the games convention. Thanks to Within Temptation it is going to happen with a bang. Future plans for this cooperation between Within Temptation and The Chronicles of Spellborn will consist of a video-clip supported single release, an exclusive end of beta event and Spellborn art used as basis for the Within Temptation concert stage setup."

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