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Samurai Warriors 2

Platform(s): PlayStation 2, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Publisher: KOEI
Developer: KOEI

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'Samurai Warriors 2' (PS2/X360) Goes Gold

by Rainier on Aug. 28, 2006 @ 11:35 a.m. PDT

Samurai Warriors 2 is not a major change since its predecessor although the beat-'em-up will feature several changes compared to the original. You will be able to select from 20 characters each offering different ways of fighting, no load times when the action changes from interior to exterior battles, and new combo configurations and better special attacks.

Set after the collapse of Japan’s Ashikaga Shogunate, Samurai Warriors 2 chronicles the civil wars that consumed feudal Japan and the events that lead to the country’s unification. In the game, players choose the role of one of 26 samurai and ninja including the legendary Musashi Miyamoto, Ieyasu Tokugawa the unifier of Japan, and the enigmatic ninja Kotaro Fuma. As a leader on the battlefield, players must face off against legions of enemy soldiers and complete missions critical to victory.

The sequel to 2004’s Samurai Warriors takes players on a powerful journey through all new tales in Story, Free, and Survival modes. The new game seamlessly blends castle warfare with field combat. Now players can move in and out of castles on the battlefield to complete missions and gain a significant morale advantage. Once forbidden techniques for each warrior are also newly revealed. Gamers can set traps, summon horses, or manifest ninja decoys. Powerful attacks and the first-ever Triple Musou gauge also give the players unprecedented might.

Throughout the game, players will unlock over 70 bold cinematic visions of Japan's Samurai history. Gamers can also team up with friends for 2-player Co- op play or challenge them at Sugoroku, a bonus party game for up to 4 players.

Samurai Warriors 2 for Xbox 360 offers exclusive features through the Xbox Live online game service including Vs. play and downloadable bonuses including special guards and horses! Every player who competes online through Xbox Live will be assigned an ongoing score as Vs. play Rank Matches are won or lost. These Rank Matches will determine the world’s top SAMURAI WARRIORS 2 player. In addition, enhanced widescreen graphics presented in HDTV and in-game Dolby Digital 5.1 sound help deliver the most stunning SAMURAI WARRIORS 2 experience created.

Developed by KOEI’s award-winning internal team, Omega Force, SSamurai Warriors 2 is rated “T” (Teen- Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence) by the ESRB. The suggested retail price for the PS 2 version is US$39.99. The suggested retail price for the Xbox 360 version is US$49.99.

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