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'Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball MAX’D' (PS2) Announced

by Rainier on Aug. 28, 2006 @ 1:01 p.m. PDT

Activision, WXP and Paintball Professional Greg Hastings announced today that, for the first time, Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball MAX’D (GHTP) will launch this fall on PS2, with speed and performance exceeding earlier versions.

“GHTP MAX’D PS2 is faster-paced, has more realistic action and is super fun and challenging,” said Greg Hastings. “Fanning the triggers, jumping over ‘Snake’ bunkers, tight new authentic fields, snap shooting, turbo speed, diving - all this means the game is faster and more intense than ever.”

Focusing on speed and performance, the priority was to have the PS2 game exceed performance of the title’s earlier versions. With up to 60 frames per second (FPS) in career mode, this game surpasses that objective.

“In our opinion, GHTP MAX’D is the fastest paced PS2 shooter,” said Mark Bombara, General Manager. “Our staff play-tested GHTP MAX’D PS2 for a week. You are thrown straight into action, frantically firing with the R1 and R2 triggers as you’re snapping and diving behind stuff. The matches are blazing fast.”

Speed and performance are what it’s all about in the latest addition to the platinum selling Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball MAX’D (GHT™) franchise. For the first time ever, PS2 players will be able to enter the field if they dare to test their speed and skills against the best. From your first step on the field, the game takes off -- faster, more intense and realistic than before. Don’t relax as this game throws you straight into the action. High-speed gameplay combined with powerful, performance-enhancing features set this game apart from the rest. True to the GHTP mantra, you “play for real” in this game, as there’s only one hit between you and elimination. Master the innovative features, take control of the speed of this game, and take the win.

GHTP MAX’D puts you in control of your teammates’ positions, moves and targets, and lets you build your own fields. Throw in multiplayer split-screen action for Co-Op and head-to-head play … and that’s just the beginning. No other paintball game matches GHTP for the ultimate in sports sim realism.


  • Speed: With up to 60 frames per second in career mode, this game is one of the fastest on the market. Taking advantage of the PS2’s dual shoulder buttons, double-trigger action allows up to 24 shots per second with pro-level paintball markers.
  • Make this game your own: There are 181 pieces of gear: markers, hoppers, pods & apparel, etc. with 10 new markers, including the Smart Parts Shocker, the Eclipse Ego, and Bob Long’s Intimidator plus 28 other new gear items. Pick and choose from 53 playable teammates, including 15 new players and 80+ new teams. Play on any one of 27 paintball fields, including five new locations with more than 120 bunker layouts.
  • Play for Real: You are playing for real when you hit the field with Greg “Red” Hasting and 52 other real top pro ballers as the GHTP franchise continues with the best of the besting the game.
  • Smarter AI: Your teammates and your AI opponents use cover better to elude detection, and can now use suppression fire to pin players down behind a bunker. As Greg Hastings puts it, “The game is more like a real game of paintball than ever before.”
  • The sounds you hear: True to the real game of paintball, the game features new voiceovers from Matty Marshall, co-host of ESPN’s US Paintball Championships. And the soundtrack from earlier versions has been enhanced and expanded.
  • Performance enhancements: The PS2 game supports GameSpy live multiplayer over the Internet or a LAN for up to five on five game play. Overall the performance for GHTP MAX’D PS2 meets or exceeds that of earlier versions.
  • Team Strategy: The refined Breakout Manager lets you command and deploy your teammates for each round of gameplay.
  • Customization features: Make the game your own with a new color customization tool for markers you buy in the Online Store. The Field Editor bunker placement features now include grid snap, rotation snap, and four-way mirroring. Making custom fields is both easier and more precise than ever before.
  • Tournament play just got better: Expect to see the tournament environment stand out with new round robin style tournaments in Career Mode. See standings displayed on a leaderboard and accurate league-branding visuals. All fields have been redesigned with accurate tournament layouts and standardized sizes: NPPL regulation (small), PSP/XBall regulation (medium), Rec Ball regulation (large).
  • Expanded character control features: Jump your character over low “snake” bunkers and move while reloading your hopper.
  • New look: Visually this game rocks. All terrain geometry, textures and lighting are new for PS2 with dozens of real paintball banners and bunkers festooning the redesigned fields.

GHTP MAX’D PS2 includes new features and enhanced existing features:

  • “Snake Jump” allows characters to jump over low lying ‘snake’ bunkers
  • “Ramping” enables dual R1 and R2 trigger firing up to 24 rounds per second
  • “Adaptive Stealth” allows AI opponents to rapidly move up the field avoiding detection by crawling, crouching and running behind bunkers
  • “Suppression Fire” enables NPC’s to pin down opponents
  • 5 new levels; 15 new selectable characters; 10 new guns, including the Shocker, Ego, and Bob Long’s Intimidator; 28 other new gear items, and 80+ new teams
  • Licensed markers and gear from over 20 manufacturers and authentic field layouts from the three major leagues: NPPL, Xball and the Millennium Series

The game also adds a “Round Robin” tournament feature in career mode, and includes online play, co-op, new additions to the Breakout Manager and Field Editor, and new voiceovers featuring Matty Marshall, co-host of ESPN’s US Paintball Championships.

Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball MAX’D for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system will be available Fall 2006. GHTP MAX’D cell phone game soon to be available on Verizon, AllTel, and Amp’d Mobile. GHTP MAX’D is currently available for the Xbox® video game system from Microsoft for a suggested retail price of $29.99 and on Nintendo Game Boy® Advance and DS™ for a suggested retail price of $19.99. The current versions of the game have been rated "E-10+" ("Everyone 10 and older" -- fantasy violence) by the ESRB.

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