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Merscom Signs In-Game Ads Deal with Extent

by Rainier on Aug. 29, 2006 @ 11:33 a.m. PDT

Merscom has selected Exent Technologies to add in-game advertising to six of the company's most popular casual and action titles.

The titles covered by the agreement range from puzzle games to adventure games and shooters and include Buku Sudoku, Buku Kakuro, Bode Miller Alpine Skiing, eXtinction, Space Interceptor and Terrorist Takedown. Advertisers will be able to target a variety of demographics ranging from women who enjoy casual adventure and puzzle titles to men who play action and sports games.

Exent's in-game advertising solution stands apart because it can place ads in new and existing titles - even games that are already on users' computers - without costly changes to the computer code. Exent's ability to insert advertising into back catalog games extends advertisers' reach to include popular games that are already on the market, reducing the risk of investing in products during development.

"The Exent in-game advertising model allows us to add a new revenue stream without costly recoding," said Lloyd Melnick, director, Merscom. "Exent's suite of features made this agreement ideal. We feel their solution, and in- and around-game advertising overall, represent the future of casual game and we are very excited to work with Exent to be the vanguard of this opportunity."

Exent, the leader in broadband-based monetization of new and existing PC and video games, recently launched its in-game advertising technology. Advertising can be added to games at any point in their lifespan, from development to post-production to distribution, and even on pirated copies of the game.

"We are very excited to announce our partnership with Merscom," said Yoav Tzruya, COO, Exent. "Now, Merscom can profit from advertising inserted into millions of game units of all genres, especially casual games which are played for tens of hours each month. Our cost effective technology eliminates the need to re-code or distribute patches. We can start with just a few ad spots and expand the inventory over the lifespan of each game."

Exent's solutions enable a variety of additional business opportunities such as ad-supported game channels, advertising for try-before-you-buy models, identifying pirated copies and creating campaigns to salvage revenue from them; ad insertion for demo games; converting titles into advergames and revitalizing games with new interactive campaigns.

The company recently announced Enlight would be the first publisher to use Exent's in-game advertising technology.

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