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'Time Pilot' Now On Xbox Live Arcade

by Rainier on Aug. 30, 2006 @ 4:31 a.m. PDT

Xbox Live members in all regions can now download the arcade classic 'Time Pilot' from the Xbox Live Arcade. You can download a free demo of the game, or purchase the full game for 400 points.

Fly into the past in Time Pilot! Control an experimental aircraft sent back in time to alter the path of the future. Travel to different periods both in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, taking on enemy aircraft in daring aerial dogfights. Start by fighting biplanes in 1911 and end by combating swarms of UFOs!

With enhanced graphics and an intense new soundtrack, Time Pilot is a new twist on an arcade classic. This enhanced version includes exciting new multiplayer modes, 12 challenging achievements to test your skill, and plenty of ways to see your name on the Xbox Live leaderboards.

  • Enhanced! Newly-enhanced artwork includes rendered 3-D models for every aircraft, particle systems for smoke and explosions, and parallax scrolling backgrounds. Experience fresh sound effects and music, created specifically for this new Time Pilot.
  • Challenging! Compete head to head on Xbox Live with players from around the world, or fly solo in five levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Extras! Unlock hidden extras like parachutes and enemy boss planes. Add 12 new achievements to your gamerscore, ranging in challenge from simple to expert.

Download ‘Time Pilot’ today, Wednesday, August 30, at 1am PST on Xbox Live Arcade.

‘Time Pilot’ (Konami): 400 Microsoft Points

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