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'Star Wars Galaxies: Chapter 2' Launched

by Rainier on Aug. 4, 2006 @ 12:26 p.m. PDT

LucasArts and SOE announced today that Chapter 2: The Talus Incident is now available for SWG subscribers, offering new adventures, new profession expertise system for the Jedi and Bounty Hunters, new PvP content, improved character appearance and more ...

In Chapter 2, players will receive new content, features and enhancements including:

New Adventures:

  • CorSec Agent Tarna was so grateful for players assistance in Chapter 1: The Corellian Captives, that she is turning to them again in Chapter 2. Players must unravel a web of mysteries on the planet Talus, beginning with a hunt for a crashed Starship and any surviving crew. This rescue operation soon turns into a massive hunting expedition when the Starship’s illicit cargo crawls away. But just who is being hunted; the creatures or the players?

New Features:

  • New Profession Expertise System for the Jedi and Bounty Hunters: Beginning at level 10, players will be able to earn and allocate talent points to unlock new skills and attributes for their characters, giving them a way to completely differentiate them among the other characters of that profession.

    Jedi will now be able to develop a variety of different Light and Dark abilities, and Bounty Hunters can choose from among first strike, defensive tank and sustained damage, among others. As players continue to advance in levels, they will earn additional points that can be allocated to improving existing skills and earning new skills.

    The new Profession Expertise interface is accessible through the main game menu, under the item “Expertise.”

    Learn more about the new Profession Expertise system on the official Star Wars Galaxies website at http://starwarsgalaxies.station.son...ent.vm?id=66938.

  • New Galactic Civil War PvP Bases: Following the Battle of Restuss, both Imperial and Rebel forces have intensified their efforts to oppose one another. Both sides have identified what they believe are strategic locations that are important to their operations. Across the Galactic Empire, familiar places like Talus, Naboo and Corellia are now the spot of heated conflict as both sides attempt to control them. Each base has a different objective and completing them will bring fantastic rewards. Read more about the new GCW PvP bases at http://starwarsgalaxies.station.son...source=features.
  • Character Appearance Enhancements: Humans, Zabrak, and Twi'leks get a visual upgrade in Chapter 2. Each of these species now sports an improved appearance to take advantage of the latest graphics technologies, including richer skin tones and more detailed bodies. As new Chapters for Star Wars Galaxies are released, other playable species will receive these visual enhancements.

Star Wars Galaxies Short Film Contest: Budding filmmakers now have an outlet to combine their love of both Star Wars Galaxies and movie making. LucasArts, Sony Online Entertainment and AtomFilms have partnered to present the Star Wars Galaxies Short Film Contest.

Through August 25th, players can submit three-minute short films using in-game footage, and members of the Star Wars Galaxies development team as well as a guest judge from AtomFilms will select the best films in five categories. The winners will not only receive prize packages, but will also be considered for inclusion on the bonus DVD of the new Star Wars Galaxies retail compilation, The Complete Online Adventures, due in stores this fall.

For more information and the official rules for the Star Wars Galaxies Short Film Contest, visit http://starwarsgalaxies.station.son...ent.vm?id=66939. More information on Star Wars Galaxies: The Complete Online Adventures can be found at

Chapter 2: The Talus Incident Publish Gift: Players who log in after the Chapter 2 update and before Chapter 3 goes live will receive a Military Reactive Stim Injector. This item allows the player to take advantage of the latest advances in military grade bacta technology to automatically heal some of the damage they sustain in battle. This item and others like it are currently in the process of being distributed to military facilities on the front lines of Naboo, Corellia, and Talus.

A full listing of the new features and enhancements in Chapter 2: The Talus Incident can be found on the Official Star Wars Galaxies website at http://starwarsgalaxies.station.son...rrent%20Chapter. Star Wars Galaxies subscribers will receive all the content in Chapter 2 via an automatic download when logging into the game.

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