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'War In The Pacific' - Updated Editor Available NOW

by Rainier on Sept. 1, 2006 @ 2:49 a.m. PDT

Matrix Games and 2 by 3 Games have released an updated editor for their strategy game War In The Pacific. The v6 update overall improves the editor and adds new features like “Update All Ship Weapons,” allowing you to easily modify weapons of an entire class of ships, and

Get the War in The Pacific Updated Editor off WP (2mb)

The version 6 Update adds the Features that improve the editor and add new features like “Update All Ship Weapons” Allowing you to easily modify weapons of an entire class of ships. Want to do the same with Aircraft? The updated editor allows the one click modification of all group weapons. This database editor update is a must for all War In The Pacific fans who wish to create or update their mods.

War in the Pacific: The Struggle Against Japan 1941-1945™” is a completely new strategy game, based on the award winning “Uncommon Valor” game engine. The scale is 60 miles per hex and losses are individual vehicles, aircraft, guns and squads. Since half the planet Earth is covered by the titanic Pacific struggle, the game is massive in scope, covering thousands of ships tens of thousands of aircraft. There are 15 campaigns included with the game, which can be played against the computer opponent, hot seat, by secure email. War in the Pacific now gives you the chance to fight the entire war your way on every level.

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