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The Ship

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: Mindscape
Developer: Outerlight

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'The Ship' Gets Steamy Update #2

by Rainier on Sept. 13, 2006 @ 9:07 p.m. PDT

The Ship is a first person maritime gaming experience set aboard a fleet of 1930s steam liners.

The Ship

  • New multiplayer map - Connemara
  • New multiplayer map - Cotopaxi
  • Existing multiplayer maps updated with various bug fixes
  • New Tutorial added (to allow new players to learn various aspects of the game)
  • Added new voice overs for various crew
  • Added new voice overs for player reactions
  • Crash fixed when player in trap leaves the game
  • Script names changed to load correctly with Linux dedicated server
  • Identity and Quarry portraits on HUD now look in the correct direction
  • Fixed 'infinite satchels' exploit
  • Fixed bug with Quarry location not updating after being healed or in jail
  • Fixed floating characters bug
  • Fixed bug when interacting with things whilst jumping
  • Improved performance of Bots
  • Changed end of round sequence so the round always finishes before changing to the next map
  • Fixed incorrect examine descriptions
  • Fixed secondary messages so words are not split for long messages
  • Added a small delay when scrolling through weapons to make sure only one is changed at a time
  • Improved peformance for security
  • In-game music volume can now be adjusted from audio options
  • Fixed possible Steam connection issues
  • Added 2 new columns to in-game server browser to show the game mode and witnesses settings for each server
  • Fixed sound for characters on-fire
  • Added sounds for players peeing and pooing themselves
  • Added an animation for the Psychiatrist once the player is finished being healed and when being healed
  • Added sound for elevator arriving at a floor
  • Changed witnessing another player in wrong-sex room to play a squeal sound for players witnessing them instead of playing an alarm sound
  • When players talk to crew they now continue to talk to the player until the player is finished talking
  • Changed voice sounds for Steward crew members
  • Fixed bug where you could be stuck standing in a bed when hit while sleeping
  • Added eat candy animation
  • Stopped creating a wallet or purse for players who are dead and disconnect
  • Fixed bug with Bots sometimes flying off after interacting with something
  • Added sounds when a player is arrested, charged for trespassing and charged in court room
  • Fixed changing clothes animation bug when in Inventory
  • Added shank weapon
  • Removed decals on characters
  • Added new male suit outfit
  • Improved quality of all user interface textures when running game using medium or low detail textures
  • Improved deckplans for all maps
  • Incresed overall volume of footstep sounds
  • Improved Shopkeeper, Nurse and Barman voice-over sounds
  • Improved pee and poo sounds
  • Fixed bug with hunger needs satisfiers
  • Fixed localization text for all languages
  • Added Russian localization of text
  • Improved layout of item information in Inventory, shops and containers to allow for longer localised text

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