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'Trauma Center: Second Opinion' (Wii) Confirmed Launch Title

by Rainier on Sept. 16, 2006 @ 3:23 p.m. PDT

While it was already revealed earlier this week during the Wii launch announcement, Atlus today confirmed that its operation room simulator Trauma Center: Second opinion will be a Wii launch title and should appear in stores on November 19, 2006. Trauma Center: Second Opinion turns your living room into an O.R.!

"Nintendo's vision perfectly aligns with our strategy to broaden our portfolio by allowing us to create new genres that have strong global appeal", says Shinichi Suzuki, President/CEO Atlus.

Trauma Center: Second Opinion-the follow up to the surprise hit, Trauma Center: Under the Knife™ for the NintendoDS™-takes advantage of the Wii Remote with such features as laser surgery, defibrillation, forceps, and more!

Trauma Center: Second Opinion turns your living room into an O.R.!

Sure, we’ve all imagined what it would be like to become a doctor. Years of medical school, residency, and clinic duty eventually pay off in a rewarding position saving people’s lives. Or, you could skip all that and just put in a few hours after dinner.

The critically acclaimed medical drama simulation is making a house call on your Wii! Dr. Derek Stiles is back, but he’s not the only surgeon on call—a new player joins the team, bringing along everything the doctor ordered: difficulty modes, new surgical implements like the defibrillator, and an exciting never-before-seen conclusion. So what are you waiting for? If one dose of Trauma Center wasn’t enough, it’s time you got a Second Opinion!

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