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'Pompolic: Call for Heroes' Developer Diary #2

by Rainier on Sept. 25, 2006 @ 6:47 a.m. PDT

Pompolic: Call for Heroes is a third-person action game with RPG elements placed in a fantasy world. Quotix Software programmer Attila Siladji tells us more about their upcoming action/rpg.

One of the new features that are recently added is certainly the Dark Souls effect. Dark Souls are one of the key elements in the game. As you know from the background story, they are the right hands of Pompolic. By capturing them after some time a negative effect will influence the character for a short period of time. As the player moves to the end of the game, these negative effects will be longer and appear more often. For the Warrior all input damages will be doubled and the character can't run. The Amazon's health will slowly decrease and the character's strength will be reduced to half, thus making 50% less damage.

Ring of Freezing

We are continuing to add new items to the game. The last time described “Ring of Freezing” is made Warrior only. Beside this we have added the “Invulnerability” for the Warrior and two new items for Amazon: the “Regenerate” and “Invisibility” and one common: “Respawn”. The names are already saying what they do, but here are some interesting details about them.

I would start with the “Respawn” because in contrast to most of the games, in Pompolic the currently played level can't be saved, but when the level is finished the game makes an autosave, so the player can continue the game. This will force the player to complete the level in one move, and hopefully to become more engrossed in playing.


The “Invulnerability” will make (as you suppose) the Warrior invulnerable to all damages. It's duration is affected by character's armor level, the higher the armor level is - longer will the character be immune to damage. Besides this the item will be very useful when the character is under the Dark Souls effect. It will reduce in some extent the negative effect.


The “Regenerate” is a good addition for the Amazon's set of items. It will regenerate slowly the character's health 100 units beyond its maximum. It will be with a great help for the more vulnerable Amazon in heavy combats and during the Dark Souls effect. The character's health level affects the duration of the activated item - with each health level the regeneration will last longer.


Here's the “Invisibility” item in action. Combined with the little sounds she makes while moving, Amazon is able to surprise her victims. But not for all monsters is the invisibility effective. For example the Undead Priest is able to “feel” the character if it is nearby. While invisible, monsters can only react to noises the player makes.

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