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Faces of War

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: 1C Company
Developer: Best Way

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'Faces of War' Patch #1 Coming Next Week

by Rainier on Sept. 26, 2006 @ 2:34 a.m. PDT

Outfront II (working title) is a sequel to the award wining title from last year. Outfront II combines real-time strategy with advanced tactics and the ability to control a single unit in battle. This game is being developed by the same team that created the original title, Soldiers: Heroes of World War II.

Faces of War: Patch #1


  • profiles & screenshots will be placed into folder <my documents>/my games/faces of war/
  • now profile can be deleted from game
  • some localization issues fixes
  • several game crashes fixed
  • many missions bugs fixed

Interface (single & multiplayer)

  • minimap zoom-in and zoom-out
  • big map (key M)
  • fixed single unit selection when pause is turned on
  • unmanned vehicles are shown in squad panel
  • guns will have diffrent icon in squad panel
  • ability to assign keys 1..9 to single units
  • alternative unit selection system (available via game options)
  • marked tabs in interface
  • fixed: camera not following unit in direct control after save/load
  • can move camera with keyboard in pause
  • components that can't be repaired are marked with black color
  • fixed soldiers talks on grenade throwing

Interface (multiplayer)

  • host name and player name are separated
  • ping now shown on all clients in game and in session
  • ping on all open games in lobby
  • ability to change game type and map in session
  • option to turn flora respawn off
  • displays client disconnection reason
  • message "player xxx is gone" is turned off
  • statistics sorting
  • statistics in cooperative for all players
  • displays client's PC performance in session and in game
  • ability to change password in session
  • * ability to set up "Message of The Day" by host - this message will be displayed to client on join
  • * chat enchancement
  • * colored messages depending on sender
  • * private messages
  • * copy to clipboard


  • reworked fog of war
  • unlocked camera
  • fixed "unable to run game" issue on some Radeons
  • realistic reflections on water
  • game allowed to run (after user request) if not enough video memory available

Game (single & multiplayer)

  • - grenade movement trail
  • no ricochet for bazooka and howitzer shells
  • lowered howitzer's accuracy
  • lowered restitution for grenades
  • sapper clear mines upon detection
  • fixed fast destruction of buildings by AP shells and bazooka
  • don't stand up on order "attack", if soldier can shoot from current position
  • now squad follows closer to commander
  • fixed installation of AT hedgehogs and dynamite
  • other soldiers don't prevent coming to items or boxes
  • fixed path planning for cars and cannons
  • tank slowing down while crushing buildings
  • soldier will not throw grenades, if he can shoot enemy or enemy is too close
  • don't shoot enemy soldiers with bazooka
  • fixed aiming of stationary artillery and self-propelled artillery
  • no more standing corpses in water after save/load

Game (multiplayer)

  • improved scoring system
  • ability to set up limit on resources in game (like in Soldiers)
  • new color for "call in" buttons - if unit is charged, but can't be called in due to limits, then button is red, otherwise button is gray
  • more fragile tracks on tanks
  • turret and engine repair is allowed
  • new marking for flag zone
  • in "Frontline" mode mines are deleted only in flag zone
  • improved balance for "squads only" for all multiplayer modes
  • new command "abandon vehicle" (Key L)
  • better component-wise tank destruction in multiplayer

Multiplayer (technology)

  • improved internet connection stability
  • improved lag for fast PCs in game
  • connection by IP is working now
  • more options open for modding in multiplayer modes
  • * UPnP support for PCs behind the NAT

Points marked with asterisk (*) are not done yet. Points without asterisk are already done. Some planned issues may be not shown here.

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