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Study Finds 28% of Gamers Avoid Copy Protected Titles

by Rainier on Sept. 28, 2006 @ 11:03 a.m. PDT

A new study by copy protection company ECD Systems revealed that buyers of PC games believe that copy protection is not an impediment to game purchases, although 72 percent of consumers are “not actively avoiding” buying games that have copy protection, meaning 28% do...

However, most gamers don’t want their game play experience hurt by copy protection/anti-piracy measures: 51 percent noted that copy suppression technology that impacts initial download time, but does not slow down or otherwise interfere with game play is the ideal. The survey found there is a wide “middle ground” between too-heavy protection and no protection at all: 68 percent of consumers are happy with a technology that protects games without impacting game play -- even if the solution allows a minute or more of delay.

The vast majority of respondents (69 percent) stated that their PC has never been negatively affected by copy protection technology; 45 percent of respondents claim they find it inconvenient when copy protection requires them to keep the disc in the drive during game play.

“The survey suggests several important trends – first, that consumers may not be as quick to shy away from PC games with copyright protected technology, contrary to what some game creators believe,” said ECD Systems’ CEO Jack Hart. “Another key point is that consumers are willing to accept copyright protected games, as long as game play is not negatively impacted, and so long as the pricing of games remains at a reasonable level.”

Of the 83 percent of consumers who reported actually purchasing PC Games, 77 percent would be in favor of purchasing copyright protected games if they were available at a reduced cost.

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