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'Immortal Destiny' Announced

by Rainier on Sept. 5, 2006 @ 10:55 a.m. PDT

Neogence Studios today announced that early development of its first MMORPG, Immortal Destiny, has begun.

"We are excited to announce that development on Immortal Destiny, the first truly evolutionary MMORPG in the market, has started" said Robert Rice, CEO of Neogence Studios and creator of Immortal Destiny. "With most other developers focusing on MMORPG sequels or next-generation variations of the same generic content, we will lead the industry with innovations in gameplay, original content, and a return to an emphasis on story, adventure, exploration, and role-playing."

The first release of the title, Immortal Destiny: Edge of Empyrean, will feature extensive character customization, dynamic combat and magic systems, robust player-driven economies, and several alternate methods of character advancement.

"We have taken a radical approach to some design aspects in Immortal Destiny" commented Robert. "The player versus player combat mechanics are awesome, the crafting system is the coolest ever, and we have a solution to the whole casual versus hardcore quandary. We are very excited about bringing Immortal Destiny to life."

The core team at Neogence has several decades of combined expertise in business, technology, development, and production, both in the game industry and in the high-tech sectors. The company is committed to creating true next generation products that are feature rich, compelling, meet high production standards, and lead the market in new directions.

Immortal Destiny will be developed on the Monumental Games Technology Suite, which provides developers with an established content creation pipeline and advanced tools that enable them to focus on the creation of gameplay almost immediately. This significantly reduces their time to market and also avoids many of the expensive technology risks inherent in creating MMO games.

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