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'Desperados 2: Conspiracy' Now Known as 'Helldora: Conspiracy'

by Rainier on Jan. 2, 2007 @ 10:43 a.m. PST

Helldorado: Conspiracy is a sequel of the Wild West tactical action strategy game Desperados 2: Cooper’s Revenge. It continues where Cooper’s Revenge left off and gives you the chance to answer some of the mysterious questions left open, as well as giving new players a well-balanced and self-contained story.

Developed by Spellbound Studios, the game boasts a wealth of new additions including original settings, advanced quick actions, new character actions, the introduction of character combo actions into the gameplay, and a new dedicated movie-mode.

Boasting the most breathtaking environments ever seen in the genre, Helldorado: Conspiracy offers an extended and captivating experience with tricky new ambushes to solve. Thanks to a new easy-to-use combo system, the gameplay has been pushed further with clever new tactical possibilities as players can now combine the individual abilities of their heroes: imagine the hasty combination of gas phials or dynamite with arrows, the deviousness of tying up and bringing away a bunch of unconscious enemies with a one-click order, or even the excitement of getting Cooper and Kate together for surprising results!

With its challenging gameplay and flexible camera angles Helldorado: Conspiracy lets gamers play it their own way, choosing from over the shoulder third person view or isometric top down view, allowing players to get in the thick of the action and carry out strategies and tactics with pin point accuracy. In addition, Helldorado: Conspiracy adds stunning new Stetson-friendly settings as backdrops for the action, and with the dedicated movie-mode ‘wannabe’ Western film directors will be able to create their very own movies with the stars of Desperados.

Game Features:

  • Real-time strategy and tactics combined with an exciting story and thrilling Western atmosphere.
  • Varied new settings including a stormy train robbery, bloody sunset in Santa Fe, ambush in a dark and gruesome town, and a visit to beautiful New Orleans.
  • Double 3D view: completely free ranging isometric view and 3rd person view for shoot-outs and new tactical possibilities.
  • Three levels of difficulty and an improved A.I. with advanced tactical opponent behaviour.
  • 4 new individual actions per hero and brand new combo actions.
  • Improved Quick Actions: a feature unique to Desperados that allows players to pre-schedule their heroes’ movement. Helldorado: Conspiracy introduces a visual representation of intended actions combined with headword overview and tactical waypoint display.
  • New feedback system analysing and reporting on player skill level.
  • Movie-mode: direct and produce your very own Wild West movie starring the heroes of Helldorado: Conspiracy in breathtaking situations and wild stunts.

Helldorado: Conspiracy is scheduled for release throughout Europe in Q1 2007.

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