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Tuesday January 23, 2007 Shipping Announcements

by Rainier on Jan. 23, 2007 @ 8:56 a.m. PST

Another day, another batch of games shipped to stores. Instead of giving them all their own posts, we grouped them, and so far there are announcements for:

Europa Universalis III (PC)

"A decade of experience has culminated in a title that is our best game yet, said Fredrik Wester, Director of Sales & Acquisitions at Paradox Interactive."With this worldwide release we wish strategy gamers many months of exciting and challenging gameplay".

The epic PC strategy title spans over 300 years of history, which delves deeply into the areas of exploration, trade, warfare and diplomacy.

  • Players can enjoy over 300 years of game play by starting at ANY date between 1453 and 1789.
  • Nation building is flexible: decide your own form of government, the structure of your society, trade politics and much more. The possibilities are endless.
  • The great people and personalities of the past are on hand to support you. Take history in your hands and call personalities like Sir Isaac Newton, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or RenĂ© Descartes to your court.
  • A lush topographic map in full 3D allows for a rich and complete worldview, and contains more than 1700 provinces and sea zones.
  • Lead any one of more than 250 countries that originally existed during the game's extensive time span.
  • Co-operative multiplayer mode allows several players to work together to control a single nation.
  • Customize your game: Europa Universalis III gives you the chance to customize and mod practically anything your heart may desire. Join the constantly growing and incredibly talented Paradox modding community!

Europa Universalis is rated E for Everyone by ESRB, 12+ by PEGI and 6 years by USK. The standard edition will retail for $39.99 and the Collectors edition for $49.99. The game is also available on Gamer's Gate.

The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean (PSP)

"The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean" is the latest installment of the popular "Legend of Heroes" series, and brings an all-new adventure to first-time players and long-time fans alike.

"The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean" puts players in the role of a young musician named Forte as he sets off on a quest to discover a very old and powerful song of mystifying might left behind by a renowned composer. With over 100 characters strikingly illustrated and innovative features such as pets that can be acquired, trained and fed various items to help in battle, the classic RPG style gameplay allows players to save at nearly any point. Created by the developers of the legendary :Brandish, and Sorcerian: series, and offering over 50 hours of new adventure, "The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean" is sure to be enjoyed by fans new and old.

Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel (NDS)

"Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel" unites familiar characters with some fresh faces in an original story based on the hit animated show.

"Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel," is an inspired new adventure that takes players into the world of Rumiko Takahashi~Rs well-known animated TV series with a new plot and story line that has never before been seen. Original characters, created exclusively for the game, reveal captivating origins and personalities that further weave a fascinating story while interacting with memorable friends like Inuyasha, Kagome, Shippou and Miroku. Banding together, these adventurers will battle hordes of demons as players enjoy the intuitive command-based control scheme and the CFS (Cover Fellow System) that allows characters to work together with chosen traveling companions when combating enemies.

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 (NDS)

The date is Dec. 28, 1979. Disgraced New York detective Kyle Hyde checks into the seedy Hotel Dusk in Los Angeles and suddenly finds himself embroiled in a 30-year-old murder mystery. This is the story of Hotel Dusk: Room 215, available exclusively for the portable Nintendo DS on Jan. 24. The dual screens of a player's Nintendo DS display stylized sketch animation evoking a comic-book-like film noir. Conversations with more than a dozen characters help players piece together different story elements as the mystery deepens. Players decide where the story goes next by weighing their options and tapping their decision on the touch screen using the stylus.

"Hotel Dusk: Room 215 could be considered a new genre for both video games and storytelling," explains George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. "Just as audio books brought the printed word to a new medium, so does this new 'video game book.' "

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 features deep characters, grown-up themes and an engrossing plot. It has more in common with a gritty crime novel than a video game, and appeals to mystery lovers and video game fans alike. As the plot develops, players must make choices before they begin each conversation, like deciding whether to strong-arm a subject or play it cool. Players hold the portable Nintendo DS system sideways like a book, and the touch-screen controls make it easy for newcomers to pick up and play, even if they have never played a video game before. Nintendo's aim is to expand the world of video games to new audiences through creative new interfaces.

Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is available on Jan. 24, and is Rated T for Teen.

Sid Meier's Pirates! (PSP)

In Sid Meier's Pirates!, players take the role of a pirate captain in the 17th century Caribbean - amassing fortune and fame in an attempt to become one of the most revered and feared pirates in history. In a detailed 3D world, players duel, battle, dance, sneak, and hunt their way to unimaginable riches. Additional features for the PSP system include wireless ad hoc multiplayer for up to four players, widescreen graphics, new treasure hunts and more.

"Given the immense popularity of Sid Meier's Pirates!, offering a PSP version of the game updated and optimized for the handheld market is a great way to expand its appeal," said Christoph Hartmann, President of 2K. "With the accessibility of the game combined with the portability of the PSP system and the wireless multiplayer features, we're confident Sid Meier's Pirates! will be a hit with on-the-go gamers."

Key Features:

  • Wireless Multiplayer - Up to four players can play simultaneously using the Wi-Fi capabilities of the PSP, each with their own dedicated screen using additional multiplayer maps.
  • Treasure Hunt - Players will navigate ships around the beautiful islands of the Caribbean on their quest to discover pirate treasure, lost relatives, and Incan cities.
  • Stealth/Sneaking - Using a 3D tile-based environment, players move one square at a time around a large grid of buildings to hide for cover and fight with guards in the town.
  • Land and Sea Battles - Engage in fierce naval battles, against both single vessels and multi-ship convoys. Harrowing action sequences on ship decks include swinging from yard arms, slashing down sails, and clobbering enemy crew as players make their way to the enemy captain.
  • Dancing - Learn to perform a series of intricate steps in this overhauled and improved feature and dance your way into the Governor's daughter's heart. Besides companionship, she could be a wealth of information or have access to a stash of special items.
  • Accessible User Interface - The menus and user interface are optimized for use on a portable device. The widescreen display is fully utilized and the controls available on the unit are used to their maximum potential for smooth navigation.

Sid Meier's Pirates! for the PSP system is rated E10+ and is available for $29.99.

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