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'Inquisitor: The Samael's Book' Revealed - Screens

by Rainier on Jan. 23, 2007 @ 4:40 a.m. PST

Inquisitor: The Samael's Book is a scary and dangerously addictive horror game, thanks to which you will experience many unforgettable moments, nightmarish dreams and sleepless nights. A plague of evil spreads around in the 18th century Europe. The Order of Inquisitors are sending you to fight against the forces of evil.

A plague of evil spreads around in the 18th century Europe. The forces of Satan have taken material forms and started a bloody crusade in the name of the Other Faith. Darkness covered the old continent and despair as well as fear became daily bread. Rome, as the last mainstay of the faith, decided to send the Order of Inquisitors, or rather - the only Inquisitor who survived: You, to fight against the forces of evil.

The gameplay system is based entirely on the assumptions of First Person Perspective. "Inquisitor: The Samael's Book" is first of all a survival horror with developed elements of the shooter genre.

The environment of the game is rich in state-of-art graphic technologies, as well as developed mechanisms of logics and physics, which prevent the plot from being predicable and often draw the Inquisitor into dangerous traps which will force you to solve dark mysteries, which often go beyond the material world.

You will face many choices, which will shape your character and develop the most frequently used methods of fighting with the evil. Apart from firearms, garlic throwers, dazzling grenades, heavy machine guns firing a hail of silver bullets, flamethrowers and sniper guns, you will have at your disposal a full range of magic and spells which well help you to guide the stray souls back to the right path without using any violence.

Features :
  • system of two-handed gun operation
  • advanced physics system
  • 72 combinations of used weapons
  • two endings conditioned by running the gameplay
  • development of character's features as well as the weapon skills
  • additional deadmatch mode after finishing the game

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