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'Air Battles: Sky Defender' Announced

by Rainier on Jan. 24, 2007 @ 12:11 p.m. PST

Wild Hare Entertainment announced plans to release Air Battles: Sky Defender, developed by Pilot Entertainment, a frantic, high-speed action of an arcade-style shooter to history's ultimate aerial killing ground, World War II.

“Air Battles: Sky Defender” allows players to experience realistic WW II aerial combat with top notch graphics and historically accurate aircraft. “Air Battles” was specifically designed for gamers that can’t get enough of First Person Shooter (FPS) action.

“Flight simulators (sims) and FPS titles at their core are very similar in concept and game play mechanics. Unfortunately, the majority of gamers are intimidated by the realistic nature of most of the current combat flight sims,” said Shawn Russ, Executive Producer for Wild Hare Entertainment. “Air Battles” is more of a cross between an action title and a realistic sim. The default settings are set for gamers who like to jump into a game and start laying waste to everything they come across. On the other hand, if players are looking for more of a challenge they can raise the difficulty level and test their skills against enemy A.I. which is modeled on real world tactics.

Designed with the novice in mind, “Air Battles” allows combat flight sim and fps enthusiasts to jump right into the action as a pilot for either the Axis or Allied forces and experience exciting, historically-themed, scripted missions. Using classic World War II planes, players can take part in massive air battles where over 400 planes are used to recreate the violent aerial combat that took place in the skies above Europe during WW II. “Air Battles: Sky Defender,” uses enhanced particle and weapon effects – explosions, tracer rounds, and trailing smoke and fire, as well as detailed plane models, environments, weather effects and volumetric clouds enabling flight sim novices the same amazing experience they get from first-person shooters.

“Air Battles: Sky Defender” will be available at retailers across North America in February.

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