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MumboJumbo Acquires Ritual Entertainment

by Judy on Jan. 24, 2007 @ 4:12 p.m. PST

Casual games developer MumboJumbo today announced it has acquired dev studio Ritual Entertainment, who has developed or contributed to titles such as 25 To Life, Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre, Counter-Strike, Painkiller, Quake 4, and the SiN franchise.

"MumboJumbo established the casual games category at retail, and the purchase of Ritual Entertainment is consistent with our strategy to bring high-quality casual game content to the major platforms," said Ron Dimant, who left his post as chief executive officer of Ritual Entertainment in 2001 to found MumboJumbo. "The combination of Ritual's high-end, multi-platform expertise and our own industry-leading publishing model will set the bar for quality and sophistication in casual games and create a major industry powerhouse. The casual games market is beginning to mature as evidenced by an increase in consumer expectations. Ultimately, the companies providing the best content will win, which is why we are investing so heavily in the development of technology and original IP."

"The disciplined structure of high end game development requires an in depth understanding of sophisticated tools and design techniques," said Robert Atkins of Ritual Entertainment. "Ritual's expertise in these areas complements MumboJumbo's mass market approach to casual game development and gives us a true competitive advantage."

With over 30 employees and more than 10 years in the games industry, Ritual Entertainment has contributed and developed several mainstream, hit titles on all platforms including 25 To Life, Delta Force - Black Hawk Down, Counter Strike, Painkiller, Quake 4, and the SiN franchise of games, among others. In recent months, MumboJumbo has brought the popular LUXOR franchise and other top-selling titles such as Super Collapse and 7 Wonders of the Ancient World to numerous platforms including Xbox Live Arcade, Nintendo DS, and the PSP. The acquisition solidifies MumboJumbo's presence as one of the largest casual game studios in the industry and marks the most significant instance in casual gaming history of a mainstream game development house migrating to a casual game publisher.

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