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'NHL: Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 ' - v3.0.3 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on Jan. 31, 2007 @ 2:23 a.m. PST

NHL: Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 offers players an unrivalled hockey management experience, with a brand new game engine to bring the player even closer to the action during each nail-biting game. This v3.0.3 patch fixes various crashes, UI tweaks, and a bunch of data, contract, competition and other issues.

Get the NHL Eastside Hockey Manager 2007 v3.0.3 patch off WP (25mb)

Custom databases

A new option for custom databases has been added. You now don't need to overwrite the game's own database if you download any unofficial database updates, or edit your own database. Now, the game will allow you to select from a set of custom databases on startup, if they are in the correct place. They should be subfolders of the data/database directory. For example:

data/database --- the default database installed with the patch data/database/mydata --- your own edited database data/database/mydownloadeddata/ --- a database update you downloaded.

On PC, you can also put these databases in the user documents folder. By default, this would be My Documents/Sports Interactive/NHL EHM 2007/data/database/ - you can change this user data location in the game preferences screen if you want to.

The game will support a maximum of 20 custom databases.

As a result of the new database supplied with the patch, all current edited data will be lost - please make a backup if you want to keep your edited data! This new system will prevent the need for this hereafter, if you save your edited database in it's own folder.

Comaptibility with 3.0 to 3.0.2

The fixes in 3.0.3 are compatible with previous versions of NHL EHM 2007. However, due to the nature of some of the bugs (for example, the attribute decline across the whole player database), it is recommended that you start a new game for the best effects. You don't need to start a new game, but since the visible effect of this bug was an after effect of an earlier bug in the game, it may be too late for your saved game to have this bug repaired.

Game speed

Note that the minimum requirements for the game are in reference to a single league on the default database settings. Running all leagues on Enhanced will be slow. If you are experiencing game slowness, please be advised of these contributing factors.

1) Database size. If you choose "Full" then the game will be slow. The game database really is too big to be on Full, so for most people this shouldn't really be an option unless you have a very high end machine. Before starting a new game, it is advised to take this into consideration
2) Number of leagues. Again, there are many leagues in the game and you might wish to consider which ones you really need to be running before you start a new game.
3) Detail level settings. After starting a new game, you can change the detail level settings at any time during the game, which will speed up the simulation of the actual hockey games. Generally speaking, the Quick Sim is good for leagues that you only have a passing interest in. If you're playing in NHL then you could run Europe in Quick Sim mode which means that the games won't be using the full 2D engine but will still generate stats at a comparable level. If you change your mind any time, you can just change the settings again throughout the course of your game.

Game manual

For those of you unaware, the game manual is installed as part of the initial game installation and should cover things in detail. You can find it in the application data directory.


For help with the game and to discuss your franchise with like-minded players, please visit our forums at

Changelist (since 3.0.2)

Futher tweaks to player development to prevent unwanted attribute drops
Fixed infinite loop that could happen when assigning a scout to the CHL Import Draft
Romania and Bulgaria set to join the EU on 1 Jan 2007
When starting a new game, if multiple databases are available, let the user pick one (subfolders of data/database/ either in application folder or in the user data folder)
Ask coach for roster selection now takes into account fixture rules
Tweaked spoken languages for Scandinavians
Tweaked the news item distribution so that you don't get pointless news about players in other leagues (e.g. ECHL team getting player contract rejection news for NHL player/team)
Fixed some GM job offers taking too long for a decision to be made


Fixed crash pressing backspace to navigate to the previous screen on the client in a network game
Fixed rare crash processing the bronze medal winner in the slovenian elite league
Fixed crash when austrian all stars team couldn't find enough players to pick
Fixed a crash on startup if the user had added too many starting future transfers, and one couldn't go through due to roster rules

User Interface

Fixed player search filters returning incorrect results when option "No NHL rights" had been used
Removed Offer To All button outside of trade windows
Fixed another problem where leaving the contract offer screen and coming back to it causes the length of the accepted contract to differ from what the human offered.
Fixed save percentage being displayed incorrectly in scout report
Fixed the cap hit display on contract offer screen when offering an extension
Insecure jobs now shown on job information screen / fixed insecure jobs snapshot panel (home page)
Fixed problem where editing a note on a player would sometimes continue the game
Fixed problem being unable to navigate between cup rounds in the World Cup finals on the comp screens
Fixed sorting of contract wage on national team screens
Fixed team report screen for national team u20 managers


Fixed rankings of teams in UK cups
Fixed rankings in Euro Ice Hockey Challenge for national teams
Fixed recording of overtime/shootout wins/losses for goalies as either wins or ties
Fixed points halfed at mid-season for Austrian league
Fixed playoff qualifying flags for Finnish second division
Fixed bonus points for Slovenian playoff league stage
Fixed Slovenian playoff final home advantage
Players on IR can't take part in all star games
When a team rejects a friendly proposal, and the date then becomes invalid, you can still invite teams to other dates which are still valid
Second nationality now checked for foreign player status'
Fixed Slovenian league/Interliga/Interliga playoff seedings
Replaced Team Austria with Team Kazakhstan in the Euro Challenge
Fixed duplicate text for WHL fixture rules on league info screens

Transfer/Trade AI

Players with no Birthplace set can be signed by any CHL team now
Loosened up the waiver rules in the off-season to allow more flexibility with camp rosters

Roster Management

Players from Austria/Russia are now not selected for Euro Ice Hockey Challenge as there is no break in the schedule
Tuned AHL signings towards younger players and less veterans
Tuned handling of youngsters in european leagues to keep the youngest players in junior teams until more mature
Attempt to give new players at CPU teams their favourite squad number if their current number is already used or they otherwise don't have a number assigned


Players no longer demand a $0 contract when the NHL salary cap is removed
Tweaked player salaries for non-playable North American minor pro leagues
Tweaked player reputations and salary demands


Made sure human assistant GM's cannot offer trades on their own during the draft for human teams
Fixed CHL Import Draft picks (problem every third season with the last picks)


Tweaked finances in european leagues for better long term balance
Tweaked player salary demands


Fixed Contract accepted news item sometimes giving the wrong contract length
Fixed minor league general managers being spammed by Offer to All news items from NHL clubs
Tweaked coach reports for players currently in farm teams
Tweaked team unbeaten/winless streak news item frequencies
Added respone buttons to friendly proposal news so you don't need to use the confirmation dialog
Team introduction news now sent when you take a new job
Fixed sending out All-Star game roster selection news
Fixed prize money news for Slovenia not telling you what the prize money was for
Season preview news ignores players out on loan


Encouraged more higher level players to take up non-playing roles after playing career is over
Now possible to have retired numbers for junior team and NHL team / numbers now retired for players who leave their club specified in extra_config.cfg
Fixed a bug where some starting future transfers didn't work
Tweaked the ratio of players born in the same city as the team they start out with


Miscellaneous data fixes reported on the forums
Fixed some DateJoinedClubs not being set properly
Made sure that some teams don't lose rights to unsigned draft prospects who went to college
Some starting club records for most career goals were wrong


Tweaked the Norris scoring to try and ensure the best candidate wins
Removed duplicate Interliga awards


Misc typos in English text

2D Engine

Fixed goalies being switched in Continental Cup games when not supposed to
Fixed penaltykill/powerplay line usage when using linematching
Fixed starting line selection for home team when using linematching
Fixed 3on3 faceoffs
Fixed a couple of code problems that have caused scorechanges and stability issues with the simulation
Fixed line change after icing rule for the leagues that apply it
Fixed icing call being cancelled in rare cases
Tuned scoring distribution
Tuned ratings
Tuned defensive AI
Tuned player path AI
Tuned collision detection
Tuned goalie AI
Tuned offensive off-the-puck movement
Tuned clearances from own zone
Tuned exhaustion of players Windows

Preferences are now stored in the application data folder (fixes user changed base user data folder)
Fixed another issue with refresh rate being changed when returning from alt-tab Mac

Fixed a bug where the Preferences were stored in the application bundle instead of in the user's Preferences folder

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