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Ex-EA Executives Form Sniper Studios

by Rainier on Jan. 9, 2007 @ 9:42 a.m. PST

Independent design, development and production facility Sniper Studios has hit the floor running with an all star ensemble of industry talent and strategic global partnerships. The first deal the company is announcing is with SEGA of America on a yet to be announced title scheduled for 2007.

President and CEO Matt McKnight co-founded the Silicon Valley-based company and brings over 11 years experience from leading publisher Electronic Arts on titles such as Madden NFL, James Bond 007, TY the Tasmanian Tiger, and NCAA Football. Co-founder and General Manager Jeff Hasson joins the company having worked alongside McKnight while at EA on titles including Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Oddworld, Knockout Kings, The Simpsons and more. Vice President of Production & Business Development, Ted Fitzgerald recently joined Sniper Studios and brings over 14 years of industry experience working on AAA franchises at EA including John Madden Football, Knockout Kings and James Bond 007 and more recently at LucasArts on Star Wars Battlefront.

“In today’s market, there is little room to deliver video games that don’t meet market expectations,” said McKnight of Sniper Studios. “At Sniper Studios, we are taking best practices and experiences and marrying that with the best in the industry from around the world to assure seamless and top notch game design and development technology within each level of the production pipeline. And we couldn’t be more pleased that our first announced project will be with SEGA, a company we respect and admire for their legacy, pedigree and amazing talent.”

“Sniper Studios is the ideal partner to develop our upcoming title,” said Dave Cobb, Vice President of Product Development at Sega of America. “Their experience and dedication have resulted in great games in the past and we’re excited to be working with them.”

As its name implies, Sniper Studios promises to work with partners to create and deliver high quality products by staying on target and with deadly accuracy in relation to the development process and final product. The way Sniper will ensure this will be via streamlined production processes and an emphasis on tapping into talent from all over the world.

Sniper Studios’ management and staff includes producers, artists, designers and developers with experience from leading publishers and award-winning titles in the video game industry including Electronic Arts, Activision, SEGA, 3DO and games such as Madden, SOCOM, Battlefield, Halo 1, Halo 2, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and more. With expertise in all levels of the production cycle, Sniper Studios offers a wide variety of game development options assuring results on time and within budget. Sniper Studios focuses on high end game development for any type of game – next or current generation, console or handheld, and is currently working on established franchises as well as original IP.

For more information on Sniper Studios, please visit

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