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'Bounty Bay' Gets Free 'Storm Island' Expansion

by Rainier on Oct. 25, 2007 @ 8:07 a.m. PDT

Storm Island is a free content addon currently in development for Bounty Bay Online. The add-on offers brand new content – besides a newly added area with additional flora and fauna, the maximum level cap will be raised from 100 to 120. Also, there will be 21 new special abilities (fishing, muscle power, alchemy etc.).

In the first months since the launch of Bounty Bay Online in Germany and the UK, players have been able to explore the lands and high seas from Malacca to Barcelona and from Venice to Constantinople. But for explorers, merchants and warriors alike, there are also lots of adventures taking place outside of this region. Maybe you have already travelled through some dangerous regions and lived to tell the tale, but you have not yet seen anything like the mysteries that await you on "Storm Island"!

Bounty Bay Online puts gamers in the time of early discoveries in the 15th century. Every gamer builds his own online destiny, whether you choose to be a merchant, adventurer, fisherman or pirate. Besides Europe, Africa and Asia also await players to be explored.

Shrouded in mysterious fog, "Storm Island" can be found in North American waters and only the bravest of explorers will discover the many new and unusual things, some of which mankind has never seen before. Unknown flora and fauna, relicts from the past, magic treasures and maybe even the knowledge of a long lost civilization. Are you brave enough to test your luck on "Storm Island"?

Selected content of the "Storm Island" add-on:

- The skill cap will be raised from 100 to 120.
- 21 new special skills (stunts) for skills like alchemy, fishing, stamina, sewing, shipbuilding and foundry.
- New player ships, items and resources for level 11 and higher.

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