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Mass Effect

Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: RPG/Action
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: BioWare
Release Date: Nov. 20, 2007 (US), Nov. 23, 2007 (EU)

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'Mass Effect' (X360) Achievements Revealed

by Rainier on Nov. 1, 2007 @ 4:06 a.m. PDT

Mass Effect is a science fiction action-RPG which will deliver an immersive story driven gameplay experience with stunning visual fidelity.


Mass Effect Achievements :

  1. Medal of Honor - Complete 1 Mass Effect Playthrough on any setting - 100G
  2. Medal of Heroism - Complete Feros - 25G
  3. Distinguished Service Medal - Complete Eden Prime - 25G
  4. Council Legion of Merit - Complete Virmire - 25G
  5. Honorarium of Corporate Service - Complete Noveria - 25G
  6. Long Service Medal - Complete 2 Mass Effect Playthroughs on any setting - 25G
  7. Distinguished Combat Medal - Complete 1 Mass Effect playthrough on the Hardcore difficulty setting. Do not change the setting. - 25G
  8. Medal of Valor - Complete 1 Mass Effect playthrough on the Insanity difficulty setting. Do not change the setting. - 50G
  9. Pistol Expert - Register 150 Pistol Kills - 10G
  10. Shotgun Expert - Register 150 Shotgun Kills - 15G
  11. Assault Rifle Expert - Register 150 Assault Rifle Kills - 15G
  12. Sniper Expert - Register 150 Sniper Rifle Kills - 15G
  13. Lift Mastery - Use biotic Lift 75 times - 15G
  14. Throw Mastery - Use biotic Throw 75 times - 15G
  15. Warp Mastery - Use biotic Warp 75 times - 15G
  16. Singularity Mastery - Use biotic Singularity 75 times - 15G
  17. Barrier Mastery - Use biotic Barrier 75 times - 15G
  18. Stasis Mastery - Use biotic Stasis 75 times - 15G
  19. Damping Specialist - Use Damping Field 75 times - 15G
  20. AI Hacking Specialist - Use AI Hacking 75 times - 15G
  21. Overlord Specialist - Use Shield Overload 75 times - 15G
  22. Sabotage Specialist - Use Sabotage 75 times - 15G
  23. First Aid Specialist - Use medi-gel 150 times - 15G
  24. Neural Shock Specialist - Use Neural Shock 75 times - 15G
  25. Scholar - Find all primary Alien: Council Races, Extinct Races and Non-Council Races codex entries - 25G
  26. Completionist - Complete the majority of the game - 25G
  27. Tactician - Complete playthrough with shield damage greater than health damage - 25G
  28. Medal of Exploration - Land on an uncharted world - 50G
  29. Rich - Exceed 1,000,000 Credits - 25G
  30. Dog of War - Register 150 organic enemy kills - 25G
  31. Geth Hunter - Register 250 Synthetic enemy kills - 25G
  32. Soldier Ally - Complete the majority of the game with the Alliance soldier squad member - 20G
  33. Sentinal Ally - Complete the majority of the game with the Alliance sentinel squad member - 20G
  34. Krogan Ally - Complete the majority of the game with the Krogan squad member - 20G
  35. Turian Ally - Complete the majority of the game with the turian squad member - 20G
  36. Quarian Ally - Complete the majority of the game with the querian squad member - 20G
  37. Asari Ally - Complete the majority of the game with the asari squad member - 20G
  38. Power Gamer - Reach 50th level with one character - 20G
  39. Extreme Power Gamer - Reach 60th level with one character - 50G
  40. Renegade - Accumulate 75% of total Renegade points - 15G
  41. Paragon - Accumulate 75% of total Paragon points - 15G
  42. Paramour - Complete any romance subplot - 10G
  43. Spectre Inductee - Become a Spectre - 15G
  44. Charismatic - Use Charm or Intimidate to resolve an impossible situation - 10G
  45. Search and Rescue - Locate Dr. T’Soni in the Artemis Tau cluster - 10G

As the first human Specter – sworn defenders of galactic peace – your mission is to halt the advancing armies of a legendary agent gone rogue. But as you lead your elite team across hostile alien worlds, you will discover the true threat is far greater than anyone imagined.

Three hundred years ago the quarians created the geth, a species of rudimentary AIs, to serve as an efficient source of manual labor. But the geth rebelled against their quarian masters and drove them into exile. Now the quarians wander the galaxy in a flotilla of salvaged ships, secondhand vessels, and recycled technology. Other species tend to look down on the quarians, seeing them as scavengers and condemning them for unleashing a dangerous synthetic life form on the rest of the galaxy.

Features :

  • Determine the fate of mankind as you lead an elite tactical strike force as an epic galaxy-wide conflict unfolds. "Mass Effect" will take the player into new depths of an action-roleplaying game, with choice-based gameplay.
  • While defending galactic peace and earning a position of respect for humanity in the community, gamers will discover that a greater conflict between organic life and artificial intelligence exists. Players' decisions and actions will serve to shape the destiny of all life in the galaxy as you become absorbed in the story that is "Mass Effect," the first game in an epic trilogy from BioWare. They will become the center of an engrossing story as they battle against alien life forms to save the galaxy from threatening armies.
  • The player's decisions and actions will serve to shape the destiny of all life in the galaxy, while raising humanity to the pinnacle of galactic civilization via noble means or via tyranny.
  • "Mass Effect" employs a real-time, squad based, tactical combat system. Players will be immersed in intense, challenging and exciting combat.
  • In addition to the main story arc of the game, players will be able to visit a large number of uncharted, unexplored planets which are not directly tied to the main story. At any time during the campaign, a player can choose to explore one of these planets in an all-terrain rover in order to discover new alien life, resources, ruined civilizations and powerful technologies.
  • "Mass Effect" features a huge cast of in-engine digital actors that you will encounter as NPCs, enemies or as party members. Each will have life-like facial and body movements, and an advanced dialogue system will give them engaging personalities.
  • Players will be able to choose from a variety of stunning, photo-realistic character appearances at the start of the game, and throughout the game can increase various statistics which will have an impact on their performance during gameplay. Equipment, weapons and armor that are acquired during the course of the story will change the appearance of the characters.
  • "Mass Effect" takes advantage of Xbox 360's hardware providing gamers with exciting new experiences, including photo-realistic, high definition graphics on an epic scale. As the future of gaming goes online, Xbox360 live features, including premium downloadable content and recognition of achievement will be available via the Xbox Live service.

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