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BASE Jumping

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Simulation
Publisher: Noviy Disk
Developer: Digital Dimension Development

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'BASE Jumping' - Demo Available NOW

by Rainier on Nov. 13, 2007 @ 3:02 p.m. PST

Gain the absolute freedom with BASE Jumping simulator. Experience the thrill of freefall, dangers of turbulence and the majesty of parachute flight. The adventure of overcoming the indomitable air elements is yours to follow.

Get the BASE Jumping Demo off WP (130mb)

Dive into an extreme experience of absolute freedom! The new computer game "B.A.S.E." offers you the opportunity to experience the awesome thrill of freefall, to witness the adventure of overcoming indomitable air elements, and feel that moment of truth when a human being takes his last, decisive step into the gaping abyss before him...Making this game we are receive a lots of professional advices from Valery Rozov, well-known Russian BASE jumper. We will include his unique footage in game content.

Game soundtrack will be entirely alternative. One of themes is written by "4h-X", the rest of tracks are songs of "Dirty MoleculAs".

Feature list:

  • The Web Edition of B.A.S.E. is designed specially for online distribution. In spite of it is more compact than regualr version, it hasn't lose its functionality, but quite the contrary!
  • BASE-jumping simulator. This game is entirely devoted to the most fascinating of extreme sports - BASE-jumping. Specially developed physics reflect the subtleties of this process: freefall, acrobatics, parachute flight, landing, wind and turbulence.
  • Acrobatics. Freefall lasts only a dozen seconds, but once you get used to the gameplay you will understand that it's ample time to pull off some mad tricks.
  • Real geographical locations. A real-life replica is placed in each of the game's jumping sites. The majority of these sites are well-known both among BASE jumpers and to the general public.
  • Camera effects. Various effects (both animation "slo-mo" and "shaking", as well as graphic "motion blur" and "depth of field") are implemented to reproduce the entire range of sensations of a BASE jump.
  • BASE Gear. The game allows you to test-jump dozens of real-world types of gear specifically developed for BASE jumping.
  • Virtues and skills. Each successful jump increases your character's experience. As time goes by, your character can acquire new aerobatic skills.

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