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Nanostray 2

Platform(s): Nintendo DS
Genre: Action
Developer: ShinÂ’en Multimedia

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'Nanostray 2' (NDS) Will be More Diverse - Screens

by Rainier on Nov. 29, 2007 @ 9:19 a.m. PST

Nanostray 2 introduces many new features and elements which have never been used in its genre. This includes innovative touch screen features as well as exciting WiFi functions over the internet.

A top-down, sci-fi shooter, Nanostray 2 features six game modes, including two-player co-op, two-player vs, Challenge (with 30+ different missions) and the brand new Simulator (go high-score hunting in four futuristic games). With both horizontal and vertical viewpoints that offer more variety between levels, Nanostray 2 also includes multiple control schemes and configurable weapons that are a necessity to defeat the game's 16 formidable bosses. In addition, players can upload their scores via Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection so they can see how they rank against the best.

In the first Nanostray, there were a total of eight bosses that you would face throughout the game. Now, in Nanostray 2, Shin’en has doubled that amount to 16. But they didn’t only increase the quantity of bosses that you’re going to do battle with; they’ve also varied the types of bosses.

In the original, all the bosses were robotic. In Nanostray 2, as you progress through the game, the Nanostray virus has begun infecting much of the world, causing the bosses to become more organic. Couple that with more complex attack patterns and Nanostray 2’s ability to react better to the difficulty settings, and it makes for some pretty intense and fun boss battles when the game releases on January 15th.

We won’t tell you how far into the game you’ll find these baddies, or the best way to beat them, but rest assured that even if we did, it still wouldn’t make it any easier.

Features :

  • Five different game modes
    • Adventure
    • Arcade
    • Challenge
    • 2 Player
    • Simulators
  • Comprehensive Adventure Mode: Discover the truth about the Nanostray Virus. Experience an exciting story, excellent cutscenes, extensive voice acting, and never seen before special effects.
  • 32 Challenges: Master 32 challenges, each located in a unique environment. A broad range of different tasks have to be solved, ranging from easy to ambitious. Complete a set of 8 challenges to unlock one of the four extra 'Simulator' games.
  • 4 Unlockable Simulators: The simulators are fast paced arcade style games, focused on hiscore hunting. They are all designed in a unique futuristic 'simulator' style. Each game is a complete new experience, no remake of classic arcade games.
  • Configurable Weapons: Setup your custom weaponry. Unlock six powerful weapons. Adapt and customnize your arms before starting for a new area. Use three different systems at once.
  • Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection support: All players can compete in the N2 world championship. You can directly upload all your scores from ARCADE MODE to the world championship board and browse it online in a number of categories. Local wireless co-op play is also supported.
  • Three Control Schemes
    1. Classic Control (doesn't force any touch screen usage)
    2. Left Handed Touch Control (using the stylus and buttons)
    3. Right Handed Touch Control (using the stylus and buttons)
  • The Touch Controls give a complete new feeling to an arcade game like N2. Those control schemes are very accessible for players who haven't played many arcade games before. Skilled players will enjoy the new controls as a new experience to the genre.
  • 16 giant bosses
  • Over 100 different enemies
  • Great Soundtrack. Containing more then 30 energetic songs and over 200 sfx
  • New scoring mechanisms including the Nanogauge

Nanostray 2, developed by Shin'en , for the NDS is currently scheduled for launch in early 2008.

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