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Win A Dell XPS System With 'Civilization IV' Modding Contest

by Rainier on Dec. 20, 2007 @ 10:12 a.m. PST

Take Two and Firaxis get in the holiday spirit and announced a Civ IV modding contest running from Dec. 23, 2007 though Feb. 18, 2008. The creator of the winning entry in each category will receive a Dell XPS desktop computer, and the best over-all mod will receive the grand prize of a Dell XPS laptop.

What Does Your Civilization Stand For?

The holidays are upon us and we’re certain many of you are wondering what to do while sitting in the comfort of your homes, staying as far away from the nasty weather and shopping crowds as possible. Sure, you could spend time with family, play with the kids, or figure out how to turn on your shiny new iPod. But, we have a better idea. Why not show the world what you can do to customize the greatest strategy game ever made?

And to give you an even bigger incentive Dell has sent us some brand new XPS machines (four desktops and a laptop to be more specific) and we will give them to the winners of this contest. What we are looking for is simple: we want to see your best work, in any of the following four categories:

  1. Best In-Game Asset (art, including units, buildings and/or wonders)
  2. Best World-Builder Scenario (just a single .wbs file)
  3. Best Map Script (just a single .py file)
  4. Best Educational Mod (only educators and schools can submit entries for this one)

The creator of the winning entry in each category will receive a Dell XPS desktop computer to show off to your friends. In addition, the best over-all mod from the submissions above will receive the grand prize of a Dell XPS laptop. Can you say Happy Holidays?

Here are some things to remember. The prizes are awarded to individuals only, so if your mod is a team effort, the prizes will only be awarded to the designated team leader. You can use existing mods that you’ve already created, or you can create something from scratch using Civ IV or any of its expansions. Finally, please do not submit mods that are not yours. This not only makes our job harder, but also makes children cry.

The contest begins December 23, 2007 and will run through February 18, 2008, so crack your knuckles and crank out something fabulous. As an aside, this contest is U.S. only, and our lawyers have drafted up a lovely set of rules for you to follow, so be sure to check them out at the website below before starting. If you have any further questions, send them in, we’re all ears!

Happy Holidays, Happy Coding, Happy Civ!

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