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Bullet Witch

Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Action
Publisher: AQ Interactive
Developer: Cavia

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'Bullet Witch' (X360) Goes Gold

by Rainier on Feb. 9, 2007 @ 7:17 a.m. PST

Bullet Witch is an action adventure taking place in the exceedingly bleak near future of 2013. Civilization is on the brink of extinction after demons begin appearing on the earth, and the player wades into the fray as a witch named Alicia.

Developed by Japan-based Cavia, Bullet Witch is set on a bleak planet earth in the year 2013 with human kind on the brink of extinction and hideous demons creating a tidal wave of destruction and havoc. All hope of mankind's survival rests with Alicia, a beautiful witch blessed with magical skills and a swift trigger finger. Players take control of Alicia in her heroic quest to prevent the decimation of mankind through her fearsome weaponry and spectacular powers with which she can manipulate natural phenomena in her environment.

"Bullet Witch flaunts exactly what next-generation gaming is all about with more destructible environments and stunning visual effects, coupled with a captivating storyline," said Jeremiah Cohn, Product Manager, Atari, Inc. "Cavia has made a slew of enhancements in both the European and US versions to deliver an extremely exciting game."

Bullet Witch includes numerous features inspired by American horror and Japanese fantasy monsters. Combining shooting and magic, Bullet Witch will take advantage of Xbox 360's advanced physics engine by showcasing massive environmental damage, explosions and destruction. Cavia has balanced and fine tuned gameplay features and made enhancements including improved camera rotation during battle, increased shotgun power, increased Will Power, enemies made more sensitive to attacks, improved enemy AI, and more.

"It's been a great pleasure for us working on this project with Atari, and we're very excited about the release of Bullet Witch in North America and Europe," said Naohiko Hoshino, Executive Vice President of AQ Interactive Inc. "How well the critically acclaimed Japanese title will be accepted in the leading countries of Third Person Shooting games is going to be a litmus test, and we consider it a challenge as well. We've been working on our upcoming titles and are looking forward to continuing to introduce those high-quality games to the global market in the future."

"Bullet Witch shows a unique world-view with the combination of reality and fantasy through its guns and magical powers," said Tohru Takahashi, Producer, Cavia Inc. "Also, by using the physics engine, we were able to have glitzy effects in the game as well. We hope players will enjoy Alicia's magical power to blow up cars and enemies and experience all the elements that are impossible in the real world, and we hope the overseas game fans are looking forward to this unique title."

Following launch, players will be able to download additional Bullet Witch content via Xbox LiveĀ® Marketplace, comprising five packs delivered every two weeks, each containing a new costume for Alicia and revised levels to play through, further adding to the gameplay experience.

Features :

  • Weave astounding magic: with her fearsome arsenal of spells Alicia can turn the city into a sea of roaring flame, cast a deadly meteorite shower, invoke a devastating tornado or assemble a murder of crows to consume all that lie in its path.
  • The advanced physics of Xbox 360 allow for glorious environmental damage, providing the perfect platform for Alicia’s spells to be represented in all their majestic cataclysmic glory; be it the catastrophic summoning of tornados to rip through the city, or elegant spells such as her rose throw where the roses’ stems lance enemies.
  • Alicia’s hefty staff-like weapon, the Gun-Rod, helps in battle to defeat the hordes of demons by firing bullets created from the souls of her defeated enemies. The Gun-rod can be transformed into an even more powerful weapon to completely obliterate those who stand in her way.
  • Horrific demons come in all shapes and sizes, some causing earthquakes or abnormal weather conditions and others spreading plague and manipulating human minds. Some even have the power to reincarnate the dead as brutal monsters known as Geists.
  • In-game demons are designed by one of Japan’s most prominent creative talents in the field, the globally acclaimed Yasushi Nirasawa, who has been responsible for designing movie creatures and action figures as well as creating his own range of figurines.

Bullet Witch will ship to stores in North America on February 27th for the Xbox 360and will be available for a suggested retail price of $49.99.

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