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Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Paradox
Developer: Paradox

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'Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday' - v1.3 Patch Available NOW

by Rainier on March 1, 2007 @ 4:25 a.m. PST

Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday is a stand-alone expansion pack for their strategy title Hearts of Iron II. The expansion will include the original game and boasts a World War III scenario, a complete scenario editor as well as an extended time line.

Get the Hearts of Iron II: Doomsday v1.3 patch off WP (13mb)

New features

- Added a new supply tech in the Infantry tech tree: Semi-Modern Repair
- Added a new armoured car tech to the Armour tech tree: Modern Armoured Car
- Added a new engineer model (Engineer '43), enabled by Front Line Supply Service

AI Improvements

- Optimised the invasion AI, leading to fewer super stacks.
- Improved the front AI, allowing better response from when a new front was formed by invasion
- Several tweaks in the AI switch events


- The Auto convoy function should now assign more escorts to convoys.
- Abandoning doctrines should reverse all their bonuses.
- The "do not reinforce" button reinforce should now work for ships.
- Shore bombardment penalty now has a limit.


- Added a big bunch of unique CVL names
- Added quite a bit more unique model names to CW nations
- Deleted the Langley-Class from the USA CV model names since it's now used as a CVL class
- Added 'revolt = no' to the RSI revolt entry
- American COA J. Lawton Collins activation date moved from 49 to 48
- Switched (and edited) the first two French strategic bomber models
- Doubled the time of two components of the Air Cavalry Secret Weapon Tech
- Added a few commands to make the Guerrilla Warfare Doctrine a bit more attractive
- The Head of Military Intelligence entry for Henry J. Kaiser has been moved back from 1936 to 1942
- Chief of Navy entry for Frank Knox moved from 1941 to 1940
- Deleted minister entry for John Bassett Moore in USA, Arthur Vandenberg moved forward to 1936 to cover
- Fixed an error in the aircraft_tech file concerning tech 15500 triggering the wrong tech
- Deleted MODEL_ENG_26_0;Argus-class
- Province 435 in Bessarabia is now an extra to Romania instead of minimum since it's the province that's given to the USSR in the 'Claim Bessarabia' event
- Flying Bomb Development (5580) is now a prerequisite for Rocket Line Assembly (5170)
- Rocket Test Sites now cost 20 IC instead of 40 IC.
- Rocket Test Sites and newly constructed IC now cost an additional 1 manpower
- A Nuclear Reactor now costs an additional 5 manpower
- Division XP Gain Factor upped from 1.0 to 1.5


- Event 'Chinese Front against Soviet aggression' now checks to see that China is not puppetted or allied to Japan either
- Milton Friedman is now Roosevelt's pick for HOMI in the 1936 elections
- The English event for intervention in the Spanish Civil War had a small error in its trigger fixed. It now checks for ENG & GER not being at war instead of ENG not being at war with ENG
- Romania and Hungary should now really only switch sides to the USSR if it's the USSR that's liberating
- Chinese Unified Front Against Soviet Aggression should not happen anymore if China is allied to Japan or is its puppet
- Liberation of Metropolitan France should now not give cores on two Ethiopian provinces anymore
- When Italy surrenders to the Allies, their army should be deleted now
- France now loses its free off-map goodies again when it is liberated
- Kashmir should not be an isolated UK province anymore after the liberation of PAK-IND. It goes to India
- The UK now loses its cores on Pakistan, India & Burma in the liberation events
- The Soviet part of the Unholy Alliance event should no longer end the just-created alliance
- The initial Gearing Up for War event for the USA now also happens if Japan annexed or puppeted Nationalist China quickly
- The US Elections should now put the democratic-authoritarian and political left-right sliders in the right spots
- There's now a strait between Hong Kong and Bao'an in China


- Added a bunch of more appropriate tech pictures
- Added the right picture for John D. Rockefeller Jr. in the USA (old one portrayed Sr.)
- Fixed some errors with the German CV pictures
- Included flags and shields more appropriate for the timeframe and small fixes to BHU, IRQ, JOR, KUR, LIT, PER, PRU, RUS and SLV

Scenario Setup

* 1936
- Added some forgotten AA in Newcastle
- HMS Argus made into a CVL model 0
* 1938
- Lithuania has Memel, not Germany
- UK has Kuwait, not Saudi Arabia
- Australian AA tweak
- Chinese flooding and brigades
* 1939
- HMS Argus made into a CVL model 0
* 1941
- AST, CAN, NZL & SAF received Armoured Car
- HMS Argus made into a CVL model 0
- Australian motorized divisions now correctly are Model '40 instead of Model '44
- Removed Improved Interceptor tech from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and changed OOB's accordingly
- Removed Improved Naval Bomber tech from Australia and changed OOB
- Removed Improved Infantry from New Zealand and moved their infantry one model back
- Changed two British motorized divisions from model '44 to model '40
- Changed the British colonial militia from late war model 1 to early model 0
- Gave the UK Improved Infantry and Improved Motorized Division techs
* 1944
- Correctly implemented some forgotten AA to Brisbane & Newcastle
- Added a couple more SIA and JAP events to the event history
- HMS Argus made into a CVL model 0
- GER, HUN & ROM no longer guarantee Japanese independence
* 1945
- HMS Argus made into a CVL model 0

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