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Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Valve/Steam
Developer: Introversion Software

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'Darwinia' Coming to Xbox Live Arcade?

by Rainier on March 10, 2007 @ 8:09 a.m. PST

Combining fast paced action with strategic battle planning, Darwinia features a novel and intuitive control mechanism, an '80s retro classics graphical style, and a story concerning a tribe of video game sprites trapped in a modern 3D game world.
There is a probability, and willingness, to bring Introversion's Darwinia, combined with the just announced Multiwinia multiplayer component, on Xbox Live Arcade. A German interview with Introversion's Mark Morris and Tom Arundel at the GDC reveals that the company would be more than willing to bring a Darwinia Gold edition to Xbox Live if there were enough interest from some publisher to support them.
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