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Sword of the Stars

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Strategy
Publisher: Lighthouse
Developer: Kerberos

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'Sword of the Stars' - v1.2.2 Patches Available NOW

by Rainier on March 15, 2007 @ 9:03 a.m. PDT

Sword of the Stars is a breakthrough Space Strategy game that seeks to reinvigorate the sub-genre. Players will explore planets, manage their empire and research new technology. Sword of the Stars provides quick, intuitive play, state-of-the-art graphics and tactical combat that make the game instantly involving and rewardingly fun.

Get the Sword of the Stars French/German/Spanish v1.2.2 Patch off WP (30mb)

sots-1.2.2 (rev10143)

- AI now builds more defenses more selectively.
- Fixed minor frustum culling bug that would might models to disappear at the edges of the screen.
- Liir maneuvering increases.
- Changes to combat maneuvering to take more advantage of the vertical field.
- Boosting plague and AI research now carries additional risk.
- Rebel AI changes:
- Weapon arcs now shown in combat weapon overlay.
- Improved AI reasoning about when to auto-resolve combat peacfeully.
- Improved AI tech research strategies.
- AI now receives a 5x disposition bonus with an enemy who auto-resolves combat peacefully.
- Reviewed AI diplomatic reasoning and fixed a number of related small bugs.
- Improved initial AI-to-AI disposition.
- Modified AI exploration strategy to make better use of existing scouts by pushing fronts.
- Modified contested AI colonization to improve interaction with allies.
- AI will no longer surrender due to a large chunk of its empire being lost to a rebellion.
- Rebel AI changes:

* Changed color.
* Added rebel AI conception splash screen.
* Rebel encounters with AI virus/slave technology will cripple some of its ships.
* New ship design names.
* Adjusted output rates.
* Player who caused the rebellion loses all progress on current AI research.
* Defense platforms are now subverted.
* No longer has to research translation technologies.
* All AI Command sections act as deep scans for the rebel AI players.
* Number of victim's colonies received on its first turn.
* Now receives an output bonus on its first turn.
* Now receives a savings bonus per system on its first turn.
* Ship construction cost reduced.
* Automatically colonizes any undefended systems its ships encounter.
* No longer causes combat on its first turn.

- Combat auto-resolution changes:

* Added auto-resolve peaceful news event.
* Now simulates assault shuttle return runs and node missile tactics.
* Increased effectiveness versus an undefended colony.

- Tweaks to planet development effects.
- Increased waypoint-reached thresholds for ships in combat.
- Chat between players in the game lobby and those playing is now possible.
- Move line and ruler now display the name of the target that the mouse is over.
- Cloaked ships now show up on combat card if a deep scan ship is present.
- Escape key now exits credits.
- Fixed lingering line-break issues in text rendering.
- Fixed subtle logic bug in random distribution on planet stats.
- Fixed lingering logic issues with end-of-combat detection.
- Fixed rankings dialog hotkey toggle.
- Fixed AI targeting versus Liir engine sections.
- Fixed System Killer combat round is now locked to exactly four minutes.
- Fixed trade slider no longer moves when output rates are adjusted after a colony is developed.
- Fixed rare bug where AI would suddenly break all of its alliances.
- Fixed AI now considers these weapon techs: WEP_PDtech, WEP_VRFtech, SLD_*.
- Fixed rebel AI Command section conflicts resulting from trying to build cloaked and deep scan ships.
- Fixed Liir CR Antimatter, Antimatter Flicker, AM Improved Stutter, and Strike Force CNC turret arcs.
- Fixed rebel AI players are now naturally immune to climate hazard.
- Fixed rebel AI players are now naturally immune to bio weapons.
- Fixed bug where attackers would not lose locks on cloaked targets.
- Fixed intangibility is now turned off when ship retreats to the back line.
- Fixed issue with player color rendering with low-end shaders.
- Fixed build screen queue sometimes displaying the wrong ship design image.
- Fixed auto-resolve now simulates repeated firing of a siege cannon.
- Fixed auto-resolve bug where assault shuttles were not destroyed when the carrier's mission section was destroyed.
- Fixed known UI cases where text might not fit (mostly for localization).
- Fixed avoidance versus large asteroids in the asteroid random encounter.
- Fixed intangible ships will no longer attempt to drive into the planet.
- Fixed incorrect puppet master avoidance.
- Fixed occassional bug where Hiver defenders coming in through a gate would cause damage to the colony.
- Fixed planet scaling.
- Fixed known low end shader issues (including white star effects).
- Fixed combat AI not correctly detecting weapon fire in F/C situation.
- Fixed bug where planet would not lose missile lock on cloaked ships.
- Fixed gradual memory leak in combat network client code.
- Fixed Human DE Minelayer turret arcs.
- Fixed rare combat AI crash that could occur when guarding a deployed gate.
- Fixed issues with Hiver ships retreating through gate.
- Hardware audio option now defaults to off for new game installs.
- Fixed occassional audio crash.
- Fixed TTL values for all torpedoes.
- Fixed excessive collision damage to massive objects being hit by small objects.
- Fixed torpedoes colliding with each other when launched from different ships.
- Meson shield tech now unlocks shield ship sections.
- Fixed potential peaceful resolution crash.
- Fixed Tarkas DN Battle Bridge turret arc.
- Fixed Hiver DN Battle Bridge turret arc.
- Added AI missing warhead tech replacements.
- Fixed AI cloaked invasion fleets not launching.
- Fixed ships with spinal mounts not turning to face their targets.
- Fixed standoff weapon family priorities and set more intelligent standoff ranges.
- Fixed team chat.
- Fixed starmap path errors for fleets originating at an enemy colony.
- Added Polish language.
- Fixed AI special project premature acquisition bug.
- Fixed sensor screen display issues for ships subverted by the PM in combat.
- Fixed bug where random encounters might be autoresolved peacefully.
- Fixed bobblehead bug.
- Fixed asteroid monitor build bug.

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