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Alien Arena 2007

Platform(s): PC
Genre: Action
Publisher: COR Entertainment
Developer: COR Entertainment

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'Alien Arena 2007' - v6.04 Patch / Full Install Available NOW

by Rainier on March 2, 2007 @ 4:06 p.m. PST

ALIEN ARENA 2007 is a standalone 3D first person online deathmatch shooter crafted from the original source code of Quake II and Quake III, released by id Software under the GPL license. With features including 32 bit graphics, new particle engine and effects, light blooms, reflective water, hi resolution textures and skins, hi poly models, stain maps, ALIEN ARENA pushes the envelope of graphical beauty rivaling today’s top games.

Get Alien Arena 2007 v6.03 Patch off WP (30/200mb)

Changes between 6.03 and 6.04

  1. Fixed issues with team balancing when autojoining a team.
  2. Fixed issues of connections stalling when crossing over an IPX network in net path to servers.
  3. Fixed bug with spawn points in team games with maps that were missing info_intermission.
  4. Fixed issues with mouse settings in menu(i.e "inverted mouse").
  5. Reorganized portions of the menu. Player setup now under "options", removed unused options.
  6. Added ability to add up to 32 custom font sets(in the data1/fonts folder). These can all be selected from the menu, and 2 new font sets are included in the patch.
  7. Added custom map support in the menu. Custom maps now appear at the end of the list in each game type, ala Q3.
  8. Added a number of new maps - dm-violator, dm-vesuvius, dm-crucible, dm-babel, ctf-chromium, ctf-vesuvius, ctf-icarus, db-chromium, db-vesuvius, db-iccarus, aoa-morpheus. Many of these replace older maps that will be removed from the next installation.
  9. Added team support to Deathball.
  10. Improved messaging during deathball to make it easier to know who has the ball and what is going on.
  11. Changed the deathball's appearance.
  12. Changed the scoring in TCA, so that turning off and re-enabling power nodes adds to player's scores.
  13. Improved teleport particle effect dramatically.
  14. Moves mutators into a submenu, so that they can be combined easily.
  15. In linux, the script now automatically detects architecture and executes the correct binaries for it(x86 vs x86_64).
  16. Galaxy 2.0 included!

Changes between 6.02 and 6.03

  1. Addition of custom resolution sizes in order to support widescreen monitors - simply set the screen size to "custom" (it's just below 640x480) and then fill in your width and height in the boxes.
  2. Fixed 64 bit linux errors.
  3. Added graphical arrows in the server browser.
  4. Re-wrote portions of the in-game server browser to be vastly more efficient.
  5. Fixed bug in Galaxy in which sockets were not being closed if browser was forcibly quit. Over time could cause problems.
  6. New menu logo and fonts for main menu.
  7. New character, the "Rustbot".
  8. New Martian jumping sounds!
  9. Servers no longer crash when in dm mode and running a ctf map - this means you can now use ctf maps for dm!
  10. Cleaned up more code.
  11. Three new maps - dm-dynamo, dm-chasmatic, dm-omega

Changes between 6.0 and 6.02

1. Five button mouse support.
2. Linux sound fixes.
3. Spectator bug fix.
4. Improved team joining mode.
5. Killing spree notifications.
6. Fraglimit countdown.
7. Warmup period - cvar is "warmuptime", default is 15 seconds
8. Added sv_custombots cvar. Setting this to "1" would allow you to have all your maps load a custom bot file called "custom1.tmp". Setting it to "2" would load "custom2.tmp" and so on. This allows for multiple servers using different bot files. This also now eliminates all the nasty copying of bot tmp files all over the place.
9. Added splash damage to blaster primary fire(also, and more importantly, this effects beamgun secondary fire). The damage is minimal, but the boost is pretty signifigant. This will allow some amazing tricks with the beamgun, and in excessive, the blaster.
10. Extended the countdown to begin immediately during the warmup phase so that people aren't confused as to if the match has started or not.
11. Changed rocket speed! This went from the 650 ups of Quake 2 to the 900 ups of Quake 3!
12. Fixed a minor bug with cl_noskins
13. Moved revision to 6.02, added Esteel to the credits list.
14. Added Joust mode - cvar is sv_joustmode
15. Vastly improved bot AI - too much to explain here.
16. Enormous code optimizations for the client. Framerates should improve quite a bit for everyone.
17. Added real time lighting on models. In your options, you'll see an option for it. It's off by default. Warning - your framerates *will* take about a 25-30% hit running this.
18. Fixed the particle beam setting bug.
19. Replaced the old q2 style fonts.
20. Added moveable transparent brushes.
21. Changed the team join options - now, auto selects the team, based on which has the fewest players, selects red, and selects blue.
22. Changed the defaults for Bloom to be more sane.
23. Added dm-obisidian2, plus a few new textures.
24. Added option in menu to start dedicated servers.
25. Fixed long standing bugs with chaingun animations(smooth now). Note, this will only look totally right on 6.02 servers.
26. Added security fixes to thwart speed hackers.
27. When map resets after warmup, all map items now reset too.
28. Increased power of disruptor from 35 to 50 hit points.
29. Added support for secondary master server.
30. Added automatic updating in Galaxy. This will update both the server and client binaries.
31. Fixed bugs in Galaxy in which socket errors caused problems in server lists.

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