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'Afterfall' Revealed - Screens

by Rainier on March 20, 2007 @ 3:45 a.m. PDT

Afterfall is a postapocalyptic computer role-playing game set in Central Europe, destroyed in the course of a nuclear war, introducing you into a story of a search for identity. You are going to become the protagonist of a tale about the rebuilding of the lost order. You are going to create the greatest legend of the wastelands.

Civilization turned out to be a brittle behemoth that finally collapsed. The source of this tragedy was an almost fanatic obsession with money and power, which took on the proportions of a religion. People spent their lives chasing careers, only to die alone, aware of the fact that they just wasted the last 60 years of their lives. This was coupled with fanaticism and television that indoctrinated its viewers, telling them how to live and how to fulfill the “American Dream.” A crippled child begot by this deadly couple was frustration that ate away humanity from the inside. That was when the bombs fell.

That is why you are sitting now in a small 4-man room with steel walls on an iron-hard bunk identical to 20.000 other occupied beds in this shelter. Not once in your life have your eyes seen sunshine. They have also been bereft of the sight of meadows stretching to the horizon, violent mountain streams and the forests surrounding them. You saw all of this in your mind’s eye, while listening to the stories told by the oldest inhabitants. But soon all this will change. The zero hour has come. The measuring systems send a clear message. The message generations were looking forward to the vault doors are opening.

Now, that the fallout has cleared and the Earth is ravaged no more by the acid rains and giant tsunami waves spreading hundreds of kilometres into the mainland, you and thousands of other survivors can crawl like worms after the rain onto the surface. The surface, which doesnt at all resemble the one from the stories told and retold underground. Soon you all realized, that the forests are dead, rivers turned into muddy trails, and what is left is the corpse of Mother Earth smoked in the radioactive fumes. This is how the world of Afterfall looks like.

Afterfall is a computer game set in Central Europe destroyed in the course of a nuclear war. It is a postapocalyptic computer role-playing game (cRPG) that introduces you into a story of a search for identity. You are going to become the protagonist of a tale about the rebuilding of the lost order. You are going to create the greatest legend of the wastelands.

As a player, thanks to our new Oi’Bourgeois system, you get the ability to create your character and develop it in an unbound, freeform way. The style in which you are going to traverse the wastes and solve problems will depend solely on you!

Ever dreamt of being a sharpshooter? We give you 25 kinds of standard weapons as well as countless DIY constructions! If ripping into shreds every being you encounter is not your cup of tea, you can become the master of camouflage, and sneak like a shadow under the noses of the guards. Or maybe let your silver tongue lead you out of every oppression and your charisma bring even the most stubborn interlocutors to their knees?

What we are certain you will never encounter in Afterfall are repeated standards and linearity. Our game gives you unconstrained freedom in your travels, in discovering new secrets hidden deep within icy wastelands, radioactive deserts, musty marshes or bustling towns coming back to life.

Innovative solutions implemented in Afterfall will surely give you long hours spent in front of the screen. Our goal is to stop the stagnation on the computer game market, not to repeat the ideas of others. We herald a new wave, a wave that will come crushing down like a tornado, changing the virtual reality forever.

Features :

  • Dynamically changing weather: conditions animated clouds, sun moving in the skies, thunderstorms, showering rain and blizzards. This will add a lot of great realistic and dynamic gameplay into our game.
  • A complex physical model: cars speeding through the wastes, enemies losing their limbs, toxic waste barrels flowing down the river. The world of Afterfall will truly be alive. To an extent possible in the radioactive, devastated wastelands.
  • A terrain system: Are you fed up with games, where each hill, lake and forest look like the other? Forget about that, you won’t find anything like that in our game. Huge, diverse locations, mutated grass in the fields, yellow leaves moving in the wind.
  • An interior system: We all hate games that have to load a new location every five minutes. Unigine allows for great freedom in that respect huge military bases with winding corridors, or caves inhabitated by mutated monsters a little bit of everything for the wasteland dwellers.
  • Visual effects :A great treat for all you pyromaniacs out there. Realistic, colorful lighting, explosions that dazzle the eye, unfortunate victims set on fire.

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