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50 Games and One Billion In-Game Ads Served

by Rainier on March 20, 2007 @ 10:03 a.m. PDT

IGA Worldwide announced that it has added its 50th new title and is set to deliver one billion in-game ad impressions by year's end.

IGA is expected to deliver ad content to its 10 millionth consumer before the end of month and to more than double both its reach and the number of games in its network by the end of the year, joining a wide range of leading franchises already signed from major publishers and developers including EA, Atari, Acclaim, Codemasters and Valve. IGA’s Radial network already covers every major genre include Sport, Racing, Simulation, Action, Role Playing, Fantasy, Poker, Social and Casual.

As traditional media continues to lose eyeballs, advertisers are increasingly looking to in-game advertising to reach millions of highly-engaged consumers while they play. IGA is already seeing CPM’s higher than broadcast network primetime, reinforcing in-game ads as a premium medium for advertising.

“We are thrilled to offer advertisers a surefire way to reach millions of consumers with high impact advertising and highly measurable results in some of the worlds leading game franchises. Seven-figure budgets are no longer an anomaly and we are seeing more brands shifting dedicated budgets of this magnitude into the in-game space,” said Justin Townsend, CEO, IGA Worldwide. “This supports the general expectation that the market will grow by between 40 and 50 percent in 2007, with the latest market-size estimates for 2010 averaging $1.3 billion.”

IGA Worldwide is currently serving ads in more than 150 countries worldwide, reaching mostly the highly coveted 18-34 male audience but increasingly encompassing all demographics including both females and ‘grey gamers’. IGA Worldwide remains committed to ensuring that all in-game advertising and brands are contextually incorporated in and around the game environments, and offers in-game advertising in a multitude of formats from video to outdoor-style billboards and even 3D geometry, as well as developing unique static integrations and product placements via its wholly owned subsidiary, Hive.

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