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'PlanetSide' Gets Advanced Engineering Update

by Rainier on March 22, 2007 @ 2:32 a.m. PDT

With Advanced Engineering players who choose the Engineers class can now expand their armory with a multitude of new weapons and deployables! Soldiers who have completed their Combat Engineering certification can further advance their skills to include Fortification and/or Assault Engineering, with the ability to advance in both.

Merits and awards will also be awarded for the new items! Specific additions to the two new Engineering certifications include:

Fortifications Engineering:

  • Increased Deployable Units
  • Shadow Turrets
  • Cerberus Turrets
  • Field Deployment Unit (FDU)
  • Tactical Resonance Area Protection (TRAP)
  • Upgrading Wall Turrets
  • Upgrading Aegis Shield Generators

Assault Engineering:

  • Deploy Spitfires in Enemy SOI
  • Field Deployment Unit (FDU)
  • Aegis Shield Generator
  • Upgrade Shield Generator with Ammunition
  • One-Manned Field Gun Turret
  • Disrupter Mines

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